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Reported Air Strike Damage

1. The first extensive covert report of dam age done to DRV installations in tho US/South Vietnamese bombing raids of. and II February

7 ource who allegedly-gainedfrom contacts in the DRVebruary.

report claims, in summary, thatof North Vietnamese army (PAVN)Chap Le and in the Vinh Linh area werewith regimental and divisionalVinh Linh and Dong Hoi respectively. according to the report, was anear the DM2. Personnel lossesraids allegedly totalled. equipment destroyed included food, trucks,

and AAA weapons.

haveetailed comparisonspecific damage cited in the report withpost-strike photography of thein CIA hands; the results of thisare set forth below. We were unablewhether many of the exact units cited

by the report as located in the damaged andfacilities were in fact so located. US Information on North Vietnamese militaryunfortunately is not sufficiently detailed to permit such verifications. HPIC is currently rechockinj its holdings, and the assessments contained herein may be slightly modifiedesult.

We found, In general, that less thanercent of the damage claimed in the report could be confirmed by photography. There are also several evident misstatements of fact in the report: for example, we know from 3IGINT thatth Division is headquartered at Dong lloi, notth as claimed in the report.

We have no confirmation of tho claim in the reportivision-sized unit of the PAVN moved south froa Dong Hoi followingebruary air strikes and deployed in the area north of the DMZ. ovement, however, could easily have taken place without our It Is possible that extensive trucksouth from Vinh and Thanh Hoi observed by ICC members onndebruary were carrying troops to replace PAVTT units earlier moved toward the DMZ fromoi.

We believe the statements in the report regarding DRV efforts in the wake of the strikes to disperse civilian and military organs to less vulnerable positions and to heighten civilian attontlon to defense work, are entirely plausible. Similar DRV activities since the raids have been Indicated in other reports.


Annex: Comparison of Reported Boaib Damage

1. Ho In (Vinh Linh)

specific buildings ln Vinh Linh town destroyed; headquarters of districtcommittee; state trade office, theatre, and hospital.

school and two-thirds of houses in area destroyed, alongAA positions.

th regiment destroyed.

Vinh Linhuildings were destroyed,eavily damaged. It ls not known what was housed in these buildings. Thismall percentage of tbe total bousing in the area.

--There was no apparent damage to the barracks ofth regiment, or to AAA sites ln the Vinh Linh area.

Chau Tbl

Khal guerrillaheadquarters levelled.

mill collapsed; three-fourths of houses damaged.

is no installation at tho grid coordinates given by source for Chau Thi. The Vinh Linh barracks area is the only nearby bomb tnrgot and it Is someiles away.

have no recordMinh Khai guerrilla unit" as cited in the report.

Chap Le


5 armoredolotov;MC trucks,ep burned.

target area withuildings had four destroyed andamaged. Another area had three destroyed barracksamaged vehicle revetments.

ammunition dump burned, along withivilian houses.

barracks mentioned in the report could have been the ie shown ln the above photography.

vehicles may have been ln the damaged revetments.



Con Co (or Cua Tung)

base destroyed and two armored boats sunk.


is not clear whether the report describes Con Co Island off tbe DMZ,aval facility Is located or the coastal town of Cua Tung near the DMZ. Neither site has been the target of an air strike, although the DRV claimed Con Co was strafed inebruary attack.

--Con Co Island haa been hitaritime raids. Photography shows slight damage to buildings on tbe islandesult of the raids.

ia no evidence of damage at Cua Tung.

Dong Hoi

oftb Division destroyed.

of the local administrative committee, provincial cooperative office and hospital destroyed.

military equipment and ammunition stores.

oil depot burned.

--Dong Hoi haseparate military-associated areasarrackstorage/supply buildings

of these were destroyed andamaged in the air strikes.

division headquarters in Dong Hoi is believed to be in one of tbe areas Division, however, and notth, isat Dong Hoi.



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