Created: 8/30/1967

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Nam Ha

My brother works

is very old and weak no is so thin. m still allave been evacuated to another place

a textile factory and has been evacuated with his factory to Lang Son Province, far away on the China border. nly an apprentice, so he gets onlyonth. It Is only enough for him and he cannot send anything back to supportake onlyonth when there is much work, but then there is littleet onlyong. That is my net pay, butm ill the company has to pay for my medical care, andaveillamily allowance. If they are ever sick the government has to take care of them too. We work for the government so we belong to the government and we are under government administration. We have sold all that we have to buy medicine for grandmother because she gets ill very often. Now we have only our salary to depend on, which is very sad. Moreover, the war is spreading all over the country and no one can feel secure in his life. Who knows whether orill die in the next minute-The American bombs and bullets make no distinction between persons, they threaten everybody.

Hanoi,. Our health situation is not very good, even though we are not really ill. My daughter is rather small and thin and she does notood appetite. My wife is also getting thinner and sometimes has to use medicine. Due to the difficult war situation, nourishing food is lecking and medicines are rare. Our only solution is to try and bear it.



Ha Dae, At present our family is meeting many material difficulties. Because our salary is just sufficient for ourselves, we really cannot aiford to help father and mother. ry very hard to save money to help our parents, but it is still very scarce. As to the war situation, it is very hard. Living conditions are very poor because we have to reserve everything for the front. Our food is now composed ofercent rice andercent wheat flour, and you knew the nutritional value of wheat flour^is very low. Living is very difficult.

Huong Phuong, These days mother is not as strong as before. Because we have been evacuated medicine is rather rare, and on the other hand, becuase of the war, food is not sufficient. Since we arc engagedar,want is the common situation of everybody.

VietB^B-ayevacuated student. nera^ouriict.vitics and studios areburdensome. Not only do we have to concentrate onout we 4lgoto work to promote production. have to piant vegetables, raise pigs and poultry, etc. towith food In this hard time. In the botany class wefor the whole faculty. According to science,of mushrooms is more nourishing than one kilogram of This is why thisery important task. In addition,to "make artificial meat. " ord, we try to make



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