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li Source lived with hla parenta in hia native village and9 completed the NVN 3rd form. 3rd grade). Until0 he remained at home farming with his parents.

In1 Source wae drafted and assigned toattalionocated in QUANG YEN Township, QUANG NINH Province . He received basic training at that time. In1 heon-commissioned officer's training course in KTEN AN Township, HAI PHONG Province, and graduated in late2 with the rank of corporal. He returned to his former unit and beoame Assistant Squad Leader, Squadlatoon Inource was promoted to Sergeant and made quad Leader, Squad 3. Inu, his unit moved to THUONG TIN District, HA DONG Provinoe, where Source participated in Civilian Proselyting missions such as reaping grain, building levees for the Red River, and digging canals for irrigation. From ray toU, he received military and political training in connection with the annual training program of the regular NVA in HA DONG Province, In5 he was transferredm Mortarocated at DENH Hamlet, LUONG SON District, HOA BINH Province. Cadres and soldiers for this unit were taken from,. The unit reoeived training ln preparation for infiltration Into SVN, oompleting training by Cnay Source took leave to see his family.

Cnortareft HOA Ji-Wh! on three' MO^TCYAorGO Stationrain was taken to DO LEN Bridge, NINH BINH Provinoe. The bridge had been bombed outhe crossing was madeontoon bridge, Tbe unit was then transported to VINH (Stationy truck, where they were quartered in private housea. From VTNH, the unit marched at night along the National Route through HA TTNH, arriving at Stationn QUANO BINH Province on At that point, all cadres and soldiers turned in their NVA rank insignia, markings and equipment, and received an issue of black pajamas. From Stationhe unit marched in daytime in Laotian territory, transiting Nationalnd the SEPONE River, Inhe unit arrived at Stationn QUANG NAM Province, and each cadre and soldier reoeived six kilos of rice. eptember the unit arrived at HO Station in QUANG NGAI Provinceelebration was held for the VC National Day'(2 Each group of five persons received BOO grams of buffalo meat, seven kilos of rice and one can of granulated salt. The unit then moved to BINH DINH Province, its operational area, and located at BAH GIAO, HOAI NHCN District. The unit thenday recuperation period and reviewed basic training. Byhe whole of Regimentas concentrated in the area.

During the period from5 toource's unitm mortar support for several military operations of Regimentn BINH DINH ond QUANG NGAI Provinces t ? at NUI THU post, MO DUC District, QUANG NGAIj fromo5 at MINH LONG District, QUANO NOAIj6 at CONO HOA post, NGHIA IIANH District,QUANG NGAIj fromebruary to6 at the VC-held villages of HOAI CHAU, HOAI HAC, Hail SON and HOAI THANH, HOAI NHON District, BINH DINH Province (which were under attack by the. Air Cavalryn late6 at NHAN TINH strategic hill, HOAI AN District, BINH DINH Province (an area held by two



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battalions ofU.S. 1st Air Cavalry Division!. prisoners were taken at thisn late7 at HOT VAN Hamlet, HOAI SON Villago, HOAI NHON District, BINH DINH, where two VC companies had been surrounddd.C were killed andn7 at AN MY Hamlet, HOAI CRAU Village, HOAI NHON District, BINH DINH) and on7 at HOAI SON Village, HOAIDistrict, BINH DINH. Inource was promoted to Senior Sergeant, Assistant Platoon Leader pf Platoon 2, In latee was promoted to Platoon Leader of Platoon 2,


Onulyourcemall group of soldiers to CHU ME Kamlet, PHO CHAU Village, DUC PHO District, QUANG NOAI Province, to collect rice. They left from DUC HOANH Montagnard Village, HOAI NHON District, BINH DINH, and travelled through PHO CUONG Village, DUG PHO District, QUANG NOAI. The group arrived at CHU ME Hamlet at OhCO hours on7 and hidunnel in the hamlet. 0 hours,. 1st Air Cavalry Division conducted an operation in the hamlet and found the cover for the underground tunnel. Two grenades were thrown into the tunnel, killing two VC and wounding four others. Source and his companions were captured.


The following are probable subjects for future interrogations;eports will be published as the interrogations are completed.

U.S. prisoners of war captured at NHAN TEffl strategic hill. HOAI AN District, BINH DINH Province.

Comment on tactics. 1st Air Cavalry Division applied to the dry season campaign6

Fabrication of mines from "pellet" bombs by Engineer CompanyAO VANG Division.


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