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Tola publication to Intended to furnish the intelligence community with aof algniaeant current scientific intelligence. The Items herein are basedInromint reports of all kinds reottved during the previous week. Therepresent the Ttows of ths Office of Scientific Intelligence and theand Space Analysis Center and are coordinated to the extent possibletime) available within! CIA but, being baaed on the material at hand, are.to change on receipt of further Information or. analysis. We cautiontaken solely on the basis of the preliminary evaluations herein.jwAlom concerning items in this publication may be addressed directly tocia Hssrtqoartera, Ltmsdey.


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Location of Cuban CBR School Apparently Established: Army Chemical School has teen idsntif'iod as beingapproximatelym south of Havana, inhich is said to be the only chemicalihj the Cuban Army. Two courses beingschool'are the Chemical Instructors Course aidSquad Leader Course. Bothmonths: attendance, at the school, and thegiven for each course, * he school seemed wellWlth,iayarietynjl sovietgent alarms and decontaginationsupplies. Furthermore

as ho ntt^nslvfe-.cnanacai

r ft Cossment: Previous reportsourse for chemical instructors have been noted, but the. location for the training program1 wasl never given J The length of training corroborates prior evidence that the courses were offered only once each year. The.number |Of studentshe training program, the general coverage of CW subject matter,|and the ample availability of Soviet CW detection and decontamination: materiel1 suggests that emphasis is givenairly thorough trainioa_DrORram for

chemical instructors and CW defense teams.


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