Created: 10/21/1968

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D.icdo<otf olond Technolagy

This publication ts intended to furnish the intelligence communityimely survey of significant current scientific intelligence. The items herein are based on selected Incoming reports of all kinds received during the previous week. Therepresent the views of the Office of Scientific Intelligence and the Foreign Missile and Space Analysis Center and arc coordinated lo the extent possible in the time available withir. CIA but. being based on the material at hand, areto change on receipt ol further information or analysis. We caution against action taken solely on the basis of the preliminary evaluations herein Substan-tlve questions concerning items In this publication may be addressed directly to the


CIA Headquarters, Lang-ley.rnmg distribution should be forwarded ihrough appropriate depart-menlal channels





Lccj-'ic,a- jhpol ApparentlyM.htui: ar.h^.cal School has been icentifieu as being located approximatelym south of Havana, in the base camp ofhich is said to be the only chemical battalion in the Cuban Army. Two courses being taught at in* school are the Chemical Instructors Course and the Chemical Reconnaissance Squad Leader Course. Both coursesonths aTcendar.ee at the school, and the number c: students given for each course, respectively.

|chc school 3eer.ed waila wide variety or sovietgent alarms.: ai oand supplies. Furthermore

CubanensiVB cr.emicai


: Previous reportsourseinstructors have been noted, but theche training progran was never given. The lengthcorroborates prior evidence tnat the coursesonly once each year. The number of studentstraining program, the general coverage of CWand the anpie availability of Soviet CWdecontamination materiel suggests that emphasistoairly thorough training programinstructors and CW defense.

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