Created: 10/4/1968

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Guyana's Election Date Secretly Set

Minister Forbes sum-ham is planning to hold Guyana's first national election as an independent country on 16 So far, however, he is keeping the election schedule secret in order to give his People's National Congress an opportunity to organize itsahead of the otherparties. He also probably believeshort campaign will minimize the possibilities of violence.

In the last elections, inurnham defeated pre-Communist Cheddi Jagan's People's Progressive Party bya coalition with the smallUnited Force. amper onown liberal politics, and this year he will try to win on his own.

In Guyana, however, voting is almost entirely on racial lines. Jagan's East Indian followers


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outnumber Burnham's Negroand Burnhan has sought to increase his party's votaa by registeringabroad.

Both the United Fores and tha People's Progressiva Party are already claining that there have Been many irregularities connected with -he overaaas They charge, among other things, that the registrars were biased and that inscription was far easieregro than for someone of another race. The government, of course, denied all such allegata

Evan if Burnham shouldlear majority he would still like tooalition with the United Force. Such anwould be mainly window dressing because Burnham plana to give the United Force little say in policy matters. Awould appear to havemultiracial support and, because the leader of the United Force is Guyana's foremostwould lend an aura of financial stability to Burnham's regime. It would also enhance

Burnham's international image. Thereanger, however, that relations between Burnham and the United Force will deterioratethe campaign and anotheroffer would be refused.

Jagan privately admits that he does nothance. It appears that his party willthe elections in order to keep up morale and to make the going as difficult as possible for Burnhan. Tactics are still being discussed, however, and the party could yet decide to boycott the election.

"tensions win increase as the political cacpaigna get under way, however, and incidenta are certain to occur. The security forces could probably deal with violencexall scale but would have trouble should an incident touch offwhich become geographically




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