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This publication ia intended lo furnish the Intelligence communityimely surrey of significant current tctonUflc intelligence. The items herein are based on selected Incoming reports of all lend* received ciurinR the previous week The com-iwnt* represent the vtevs ot the Office oi Scientific Intelligence and the Foreign> and Space Analyse CrnUT iind are ctttrdinated to the extent possible in the time available vnthin CIA but. bcin- rw&ed on the material at hand, areto changeurther information or analysis- We caution against action taken solely or. the butts or the preliminary evaluations herein.n this publicutton may be addressed directly to theIA in?ley.


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CW Training In Cuban Navy Appears Geared



;v; Training in Cuban Maw Angara Scared tor Derensa

arc: enlisted een sen* to tha USS3 to rtceiv instruction ir. CW defend andeparata CW ir.structc school had beer, established in Cuba. Instruction included means whereby CW attacks could te delivered against Cuban vassals and emphasised the defensive capabilities and equipaant avail atto the naval perscnnel. Crew xenbers rfararotective rask and suit. ause engine rocra personnel passei cut due tc tha heat when wearing both the mask and the protective suit, instructions were rr.odi?ied so that only the protective mask was warn fry the engine roox crewhemical attack.new o: no provisiens which would indicate any orre: CW capability within the Cubin Revolutionary Navy -

Ccrr-^Qfi-: frequent bits of information concerning CK training in Cuba support the concept that the Cuban Hmvy as well as the ground forces are preparing only for defensive CW activities. Cuba has received from theariety cf defensive material which should provide them with an acceptable capability to perform their missionimitedoxic environment. Cuba apparently still has no capability to preduel the defensive nateriel locally and would be hard pressed tc- def and agal attack ofant proportion.

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