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Science are TeeK-totogy

Thia publication la Intended to furnish the Intelligence communityimely survey of significant current scientific Intelligence. The Items herein are based on selected Incoming reports of all kinds received during the previous week. Thereprevnt th* views of the Office of Scientific Intelligence snd the Foreign Mlsatle and Space Analyst* Center and are coordinated lo the extent possible In the time available within CIA but. being bused on the material at hand, arelo change on recelot of further informs Hon or analysis We csutlon against action taken solely on the basis of the preliminary evaluations herein.questions concerning Items In this publication MM be addressed directly to the

""TOSI. CIA Headquarters, Longley. I

uuiu vvm-rrAlng distribution should be forwarded through appropriate trepan i-

mental channels.


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CW Training, in CubanAppears Geared for Defense


boih officer USSR to receive

instruction in CW defense andeparate CW instructor school had been established in Cuba. Instruction included means whereby CW attacks could be delivered against Cuban vessels and emphasized the defensive capabilities and equipment available to the naval personnel. Crew members wererotective mask and suit. Because engine room personnel passed out due to the heat when wearing both the mask and the protective suit, instructions were modified so that only the protective mask was worn by the engine room crewhemical attack.

no provisions which would indicate any offcpjiive. fjw capability within the Cuban Revolutionary Navy.

Comment: Frequent bits of information concerning CW training in Cuba support the concept that the Cuban Navy as well as the ground forces are preparing only for defensive CW activities. Cuba has received from theariety of defensive materiel which should provide them with an acceptable capability tu perform their missionimited timeoxic environment. Cuba apparently still has no capability to produce the defensive materiel locally and would be hard pressed to defendheiwigal f any significant


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