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hUcallon Is intended to furnish the Intelligence communityimely survey ot significant current sclenllfV Intelligence. The Items herein tre based on seitcled Incoming reports of all kinds received during the previous week. Therepresent the view* of the Office ot Scientific Intelligence and the Foreign Missile and Space Analysis Center andcoordinated to the extent possible In the time available within CIA but, being based on the materiel at hand, areto change on receipt of further information or analysis. We caution cgninst action taken solely on the basis of the preliminary evaluations herein.questions concerning Items in this publication may be addressed directly to Ihe DST. CIA Headquarters. Langley.

Questions concerning distribution should be forwarded through appropriate depart-

mental channels.


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Receive Ctf Cubans have attended the Defense in MoscowS. are given for periods varying five years. ike number of

r Chemical Courses at the Academy from onealf to Cubans attended the Minsk

Radio-Technical Engineering School of PVO Strany Troops. Courses at the school include training in CW defensive measures as well as weapons of mass destruction*nd principles of transmitters and "receivers.

in CW training lished course

for regular army troops in Cuba.

Some Cuban students Are known to haveover two years; it cannot beany have taken the complete fivenowizeable nucleus of CWand for the CW trainingis in accord with

A receht Cuban exercis landing wherein use of

Cuban CW activity or various types involved repulse of an amphibious chemicals was simulated.

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