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uly Konthly Heport -

Saigon Base Monthly Heport forle forwarded in three copiesfile.

E.J. Theisen

saigon base month li report


i. general

Total block time for July5 houre as compared8 for July^.ov^o

G was positioned to Udornnd on0Z was removed from temporary storage and placed on1 contract.

Vietnamese students supported by other Allied Representatives haveemonstration on0 declaring that they want to obtain Peace, Independence and Unification for Vietnam without American and Allied troope' help and support. Nixon isar monger, all American oust withdraw fron Vietnam.

Onh.C launched two rockets: one hit the yard of the Independence Palace, another landed in downtown Saigon area. Also onlastic bomb was detonated behind the 3rd Pleldew miles from the airport, causing minor damage.

Cnd. an Airy an. Derleux

(former AAH pilot) andmembers were involved. Unofficial sources reported thatattempted to escape to HongKong due to the previous crlmenehas had,committed during hie tour inUd SvJLht . So^em,

Onh, the Vietnamese atudente and disabiud veterans attacked the Indian Consulate at Saigon protesting against the official welcoming of Madame Nguyen Thi BINH who is the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Liberation Front (VC).

L. Local management has been approached both at DAD and SGN by US Air Force Representatives concerning master planning which, if sffsctive, would relocate the AAM DAD Operations across the runways to the military side of the field. This natter has been turned over to the customers to take up with proper authorities.

ARi Completion of Concrete, Pavement and Drainage Ditch. DAD Complete.

ARmprovement on Passenger lounge. DAD

This project is out for bid. Expect it will takeays to complete after starting construction.

ARenovation of tha Operations Building. SON

Thi3 project-movingte rapidly, should be complete by 30

anangZ Residence Renovation Thla project ia complete. Pictures will be forwarded in the near future. To giveeeling for the vast improvement which haa been effective.

aigon Terminal Parking, Apron

Only one bidnterprises was received on this project which fell within the Halt of the approvedorm F. Customer John Williams has approved. Letter being forwarded to PRES and SLC for approval to sub-contract. Construction time required is aboutays.

5. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of tho Republic of Vietnam has sent instructions to all Vietnamese Embassies/Consulates abroad that starting0 the new regulations will applynationals including American must obtain entry visa before entering the Republic of Vietnam. The seven-day stay without visa in SVN is no longer granted to Americans or any other foreign nationals.

RELATIONS remain excellent as ever.


Facilities inspections were made at Can Tho and Da hang primarily for the purpose ofheck made of the water used for showers, but at present we have not received any specific results. MFD's visit to Da hang was cut short with the arrival ofontinuation of MFD'b visit will be made in August.

Tha grievance hearing. Broussard. Parker was bald, and due to the lack of complete evidence, including "fallure-to -appear" on the part of the customer who Initiated the original complaint, it was recommended that both pilots be reinstated. Thle was upheld by Taipei and they were returned to duty, retroactive

to the date they were withhold froa service.

Renovation and construction waa started on the FD/OPs building in Saigon.

VPFO and sTVPFO made separate visits to Saigon.

Our safety record went "down thewith the gear-up lending ofB at Bac Lieu

Number of sick call: 0 Accidents: 50

Hospitalised Sick call: lone Unnospitalised accident:utcall: 1

Physical examination: ick leaves: i

v. personnel

personnel department activities were routine. pk yas on annual leave from

our appeal through the us embassy for the reconsideration of the work permits were successful. we have just obtained the reconsideration for the work permits ofo* from the rvn ministry of labor.

tha piaster is being tr.-idcd in the open market at approximatelyo usol.

grd flt



qfld flt

UW 14


grd 75




gsd ground personnel:




pre-processed ground personnel: 92








- Notingle certificate of "Non-Availability of

company furnished accommodations was issued during this oonth.

Flight Time Report (See attachment a)

Ground Fire Incidents Report (See attachment 8)

Ground Transportation

Aggregate microbuseo mileage: miiles

Total microbuscs downtime:

Total microbuses pax carried: 6 pax

Isusu bus mileage: m1 miles

Total Isuzu bus downtime:

Isusu bus pax carried: ax

Supply vehicle mileage: 5 tan9 miles Supply vehicles downtime:


Passengers departure SGN (all contracts)arrival SOU (all contracts)cargo

Inbound cargo


Cargo (including AFj

(lbs) SGN Inbound (lbs) SCH


la little to report in recbnlcalVN,July versus that of June. In the aircraft aetivitiee, flyingwere approximately the sane. The workload due toand premature engine removals was deadlightly.

InltlaUon of the new Skilled Labor Cost Accounting System was off onuly. Preparatory training waa carried out, butrogramtrong and constant supervisory follow-up.

General Maintenance activities at SGN includes the start of renovation of the Flight and Operations department building; installation ofW standby generator, voter faucets for aircraft washing to reduce towing and accident potential, are* beoutiflcaUoo and general At Danang, the temlnal/hangar area concreting is approximately 9C* complete and the hostel is complete except for touch-up.

Aircraft- Fijyrf fcrtn^ . There were several incidents during the month involving aircraft accidents. Two aircraft received minor damage due to hostile fire action, one aircraft had propeller damage due to FJl, another aircraftargo door in flight and one aircraft was involvedajor accident by landing on -he runway with gear-up position.

rotary King - This month hasittle elowj two number two aervice at DID, five nisnber two, one nuabernd onend one nuaber LA service at Saigon.

- The overall shops workload recsUnod steadyertain

amount of overtime required Torervice.

Maintenance - Building and Grounds llqintcnanco -has been run through existing culverts under the taxlway from

the PJ'X building to the South hump, hater pipe has also been Installed along the north aide of the.

- PABX and Intercom ^sterns- ke have one PTTthat can be used and another line (on emergency basis only)be used to call Saigon telephones thru the PAHX operator.

CXD bza recently finished the installation of tho Paging Syr. too,ear ago. Ten speakers -re alBtriouted to cover all axlsling AAK haepe, insideenctfWv.uJ. shop aoe" Cafeteria. dynaaic alcrophoce and two liXWatt Philip amplifiers are used to uperato those Greasers.

Ccvses cccpletct: : Cuaiity control Inspector rraiaicgj Carrstt

Supply Course; Plight Krtchanle'e Course.

Courses In progress: line Service Mechanics Course; seining Course.

3. Supply - Supply activities reasoned the sane as lasthe 2nd Supply Training Course for uewly employed sMremeepere was conducted this nonth. The students gained considerable basic knowledge of tho functions of.the supply business.

Tne Procureaent Section of USD,lightly enallcr amount of transactions then last nonth. otaline itene of conaodlties were purchased fron local market this oonth.

Total value of commodities purchased fron Saigon/Cholon market amounted to

Since Bevel Support activity (MSA) in Caneng hae been deactivated, 6C* of the general supplies have been purchased frcea HAG.

e. J. Thrisen



mm *g

I ilea O.




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