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Eastern Zaire: Volcanic Activity in Humanitarian Relief Zone

Although volci-.ic evoui ire difficultredict. American ind Japanese volcs-noiogisis analyzing recer: se-.smic events in Norc-Kivu. Zaire, judge thai thereolid basis for concernamaging eruption-with both ash plumes and lavaoccur there in the rear term.

A series of events indicate thai the Nyiragongo and Nyamulagira volcanoes,ilometers north of Conn, have become more active in recent tvoe^ 3nd mayhreat to residents and refugees in (he area. Both volcanoes have been active frequently in (his century.

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Ash plumes extendingeters above the western slope of the Nyamulagira volcano-connected by subsurface channels to Nyiragongo-were also reported recentlyelief worker. Japanese seismologists rcpon data indicating ground swelling that could leadarger explosive ash plume.

moved rapidiy-TOvcrmper hqur^and covered ths couotrysice ia ths south for a'distance ofah'frem ih; base of the mountain; some farmers verekaJied/ ' .

Tc: magza that feed both volcanoes is unusually fluid

Although thereparse seismic network operated by Zairian and Jaoanese seismologists, the data is not radioedentral facility in real-time, and cannot provide wanting of the increased activity that generally precedes volcanic events.

Refugee camps at the base of the Nyirogongo volcano are partially on the site of7 lava fields, according to American and Japanese volcanologisis. Nevertheless, because the regional cluster of volcanoes that includes Nyiragongo and Nyamulagira have subterranean interconnections, lava could emerge from any of manv fissures in the region.

In thesh plumes from the volcanoes could threaten aircraftli' relief supplies.

outh African airciar. lost two of its four engines when it flea-through an uodeteciM ash plume from these volcanoes.

If ash plumes occur, estimated wind speeds and directions for the next two days suggest that aircrait flyingeters and to the cast of the voliano would be vulnerable 4tt9*fiJ*V

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