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PROM : No-

BOBJRCT : September -Monthly Report

Saigon Baae Monthly acport for0 io forwarded ln three copies for your file.

B.D. Heaecher

saigon BASK MCft'tklx


z. hial

Total revenue block tlae for September5 hours as compared4 for6 for

locally In Saigon the situation remains quite stable withterrorist activities. tsn Airport was quiet throughout the month.

cost reduction proicrfln is being enforced by everybody at Saigon

Base, recently. Acting BHSON hadeeting in which he reminded the Department Hoods to ra-cmphaslse the cost reduction program. In order to save thearge amount of money by avoiding costly TCS personnel, many managers in Saigon Base are wearing two hatsi KTSHSGNj OHOMSCNj AA/MTSghj slp/Hef/rw; apmMAM.

Salcon Base was ha dot to welcome several company visitors from the Head Office THt/TNN during the month: DCTD, DCD, MPng BHSGN on his trip to TPK for contract negotiations, Mr. McFarlsne PIC and both of our customors.

One tragic incident happened at ana Treng. One of our captains was assaulted and robbed at the entranceotel in Nha Trang. khile end ee to ring to stop the thief'e accompliceonda, he fell against the roving honda end caught his left hand in the revolving wheal epokes. Extent of Injuries Included an amputated firat finger and cruised middle finger of his left hand, he have recently sent one microbue from Saigon to provice shuttle transportation to the flight crews to and from the Nha Trang airfield, hostel end eating facilities. Thle "enclosedig improvement over the open Jeeps we utilised previously. It reduces the risk of anti>foreigner harassment which prevails in Nha Trang.

There was one nalor incident which3Q3X. Shortly after climb out from Hoi An airstripeptember, the sling load on the aircraft consisting of two barrels of fuel and one barrel of oil waa inadvertently dropped on the outskirtsillage. There wereatalitleaerious injur ice to the villagers, there was no damage to aircraft nor crew member injuries.

A letter was sent to the Cosananderd Defence Group and Airport Commandant requesting their approval to close the ramp gate on the best side of the Air America Traffic Terminal (for formality only). The gate had been closed prior to their approval, because of the construction work going on to re pave the terminal apron. as plan to greatly restrict use of thlo gate when the construction le completedovember,

Q. Tha SVN Governmentew"par*llol rata"iaetere toctober. The parallel ataricet la for personal eccomnodatlon sals only. The currency conversion tracing on the open market is approximately VmSSOO tondo HPC31. onsequence, it le runored that aircraft parte will be highly taxed, with loport duties. Therefore we are only conning the nost critical aircrafts parts by conwerclel air end plan to utilise company cargo flights more, he have not ae yet received any official notification frost the governnent here.

Technical Training Department here le conducting eTrainee Courseroup of) employees. This

le similar to the more sophisticated International Line Service Course being conducted at Tainan but our facilities are aore limited, be do expect to develop soma good mechanics froa our in-country train oe course and the savings will be quite impressive.

total flying hours decreaeed considerably fron thebut baeed on dleoueeionsnd commentsnow in Taipei, this months total revenue block timehours is ebout whet we are to expect for the rest


ompletion of Concrete Pavement arc Drainage Ditch. DAL-This project is completed yet. Final acceptance by our company remains to be mads.

AKImprovement of Passenger Lounge, DaD

The contract prepared according to the revised plans ;xd reduced

costs, wes signed and work started onept. The scheduled completion

date la

ARenovation of the Operations Bulldirut. SOh

The project has moved very slowly, with tha renult that tho contractor hashree week extension beyond the scheduled completion date ofeptember because of unforeseen alfficultiee with the electrical conduit installation. The project iecorpletsd. The revised cospletion schedule ia

Ralocatlon/.bsnovatlon of Various aim Shoos snd Offices, ffflj

The installation of work counters in the Accounting Department orrices in lieu of partial metal partitions will be undertaken with construction of the count or to be done by GaSD.

aigon Terminal Parkin* Apron. suh

The contract for this project was signedhterpriseo for work to startcheduled completion data of

All units ore Installed and As is completed. Closure notice will bo procoBOod in late October.

odification of SRSL and Material Control Offices. SCIi The partial metal partitions neoCeo to complete this project are not yet available. eview is being made towards the possibility ofsing Okaaura partitions in lieu of Fedral GSA typo of partition.

est flaiap Power and Ccmpreasor Lines, SCH

Tho project is being hold in abeyance for further review of the future use of this ranp. (Materials have been purchased).

odification of Plre Brigade Station for *lrGN The project is being lie Id for further consideration.

ur relatione have been always excellent.


aunber of sick call: 3 Accidents: LO Hospitalised sick call: nhoBpltallied accident: LO Hospitalised accident: hone Out call: 6

Physical Examination: ick leavee:

Personnel Departmentpart free routine activities, we haveood amount of tine this nonth to keeping our TQis out of Jail. The Vietnamese national Police haveampaign to rid the country of undesirable and illegal foreign residents, directed primarily against TCh's. Their tactics conoist of personal or houee search, and Incarceration of those not in possession of valid residence permits, while all of our foreign personnel are legally ln country, neny do not presently have residence permits as their renewal applications axe under process. (And this process ia slow moving.) Cur TCNs thus become victimised by the procedures to which wo must subscribe.

he have bier, extremely fortunate ln that very few of our personnel have been apprehended. Furthermore,. Bnbassy has advised ue that thoy will immediately come to tho eld of any of our personnel who are enacted for lack of possession of currently valid documentation, as ths embassy la aware that all of our employees are abiding by Vietnamese Government regulations, we are doing all possible to expedite approval of the bork and Residence permits so as to preclude further apprehensions.


ours decrease in revenue flying from the previous month ie contributed mainlyack of cuatomer cargo to be moved. There are no indication that cargo flights will increase in the foreseeable future.

Sth departeC onays annuel leave and Hr. A. Harris assumed the dutiesCK.

Flight time report (See sttechsssnt A)

Ground Fire Incidents Report (See attachment B) Accident iteports


Can Tho Aircraft was damaged while

static, curing the late evening, from shrapnelortar attack.ounds landed on the airstrip. eceived approx.nail hits resulting in akin damage.

2h Tha loKBirm of Project tine continue* toroblea. Among other things, no one could give ua the roferenceo that stated other than it should be logged. AVPFO finally gavo ua the reference in tha Accounting Manual, hopefully it can be cleared up conpletely in the near future. Tho announcement Lest fall that it aaa no longer neceeaary to log was received with open anas by svsryons in tho field. The change in policy haa generated moreittle confusion. At any rate it has been directed that pilots log it, and so it io.

3. Lixhta have beer, installed in the ccaarony vehicle parking lot and whether that is the reason or not, there have not been any reported thefts from employeee' vehicles since the Installation.

u. The directed tranafor cf Capt. Sullivan which came up unannounced and completely out of seniority sequence,umber of problems, not tho least of whichopoat of the "move-the-oan-now* concept we have liad in tho past. This conpletely disregards any consideration for the individual. PKPA was also upset at the disregard for all policies and agreements. As it turned out, IV wasistake. Our attempts to question the natter went unanswered.

eeow.-atlou of the HVD-SVN Office into two separate sectMing and .totary king woe, directed and accomplisroc. Therean awful lot of details to be clarified before It will besituation. No proviaiona eeem to have been mads forstructure regarding the Crew Scheduling Section and

the administrative part of the old HPO Office. Meanwhile MF/Fef Is attempting to continue operatinginimal of confusion. with other departments and outside agencies is Just one of the areas in which DFD or someone will have toecision rogaruing what is desired. ecessity for cooperation and coordination doesealistic answer. This was the basis for past PK/kb problems in Saigon. Clearly defined areae of responsibilityefinite necessity.

1 want downuspected engineten miles northwest of Danang. The crew ofto spend the nightmall outpost. Informationlocation -as relayed from the outpost to Danang Ope retmilitary chauncle. Three SAP. attempts were madenight ofut were unsuccessful duef the location. The crew was picked up cn The aircraft waa released for one time ferryby SAH/Hn and was flown to Danang on the afternoon of 2 customer arranged popular forces security forduring the night. This Incident could have beenaorc efficiently if our high frequency radios were reliable.



Maintenancehe month saw severalend all seemed to be urgent. Our Teletype circuit landthe airport and the doisntovn telegraph company woo disrupted

on several occasions during thie sooth, hieriority project to eetadio link to back up the land line. As soon aa CCMfMO/liGM obtains the approval to operate the new radio link, then we can close out thio project.

ixede reecesaended that Saigonevery othererviceircraft. Therebycosto of TW* ferry flights and reducing down time from4 days to Saigon service tineays. It required3 services to be reidentlfled aondervices,doing thend TNM doing the 3B. The heavy Xrayon theervice. Our proposal wae approved and our firstis scheduled for early October, bo anticipate no problemsthese eervicee inoountry. Our next proposal will be ta doonumber three services. In addition weervlcee onircraft inoountry without Bow if we are allowed to retain the spare Porter fuselagethen ourervice downtime goes from our standard

aysays as we old our last twoervicee in.

ng - Due to an incident involving one of our aircraftling tad, all cargo hooks werene tine inspection,ompliance,igging check which resultedooko assy's removed for worn parte. An SI woe also Issuedomplete check on the next heavy service.

Generalur emergency power)urnt field after onlyoure of operation. Luckily we recently0 KW generator for our Nha Trang Station and short-stopped it for temporary uee here. About all wo can operate fron theV unit is the HMD Shops Bldg. essential equipment, the Supply Bldg. lighting and the AMD Hangar lights. This results

in no power to tbe Personnelhe Paseeiiger Terminal, the Cafeteria, the GMD Complex and the Ueeld Warehouse. The Operations Bldg.nit for radios and Bldg. lighting. Cur Transmitter Bldg. utilises twono ra tors for its. back up.

Preforms sicee one AB'e for SCH were submitted for Improvement of the water system and to increase the electrical power supply for thequadrant.

- ctober weuaberervice. This was the flret time any baseerviceypo aircraft. Thisalao involveday shots to bo taken. ctober

we received an urgent message from9 was ecldUsh several modifications prior to the aircraft

fer vTE on early nornlngctober. These modifications

Induced cor.tioeroble electronics rework, exterior painting, right engine crange, replacing of plywood flooring and general weight reduction efforts. The project wae completed on schedule tub ugh thoattention and hard work cf Technical Services Dept..

6, Airborne Electronic - The fusion of ccosaunication nalntennnce and alrborno electronics as Electronics Meintenanceery ccesstfUable mover . Thisrogram of adoptability for the personnel. Tbe versability and aptitude of our mechanics in the Electronics Department can be eeen in thie merger. Ths new UhT transceiver for teletype link between PTT/ SCfc and aAM/TSK were all in operating condition. AU the units here undergone the simulated test and found satisfactory. Automatic transfer of the PTT telephone pair cablae to the UHP transceiver were In fabrication. Pinal installation will commence ae soon as the transfer system ana one-fourth timing pulse speed is completed.

- TCN Flight mechanic training is progressing on schedule

with target date of scui-Oocenter. The only problem of any magnitude involving exieting TCN Plight Mechanics end potential Plight Mechanics is one of speaking and understanding English. Various situations have been encountered where it become very necessary for the entire flight crew to understand each otherimited time basis. In these not eo rare occasions, it has become apparent that this problem must be remedied fer satisfactory operation.

he Line Service Mechanic Courcu te lalifj

Kech nic III is in progress. Basic essentials are given"nd afternoon in the classroom to prepare them for CJT as soon as the requisitioned nechanie tools ere received, OJT will be given in the afternoon only.

8. Quality Control - ay workload wae up scenrwhat this month withaying two VTB aircraft to comply withnd, both aircraft showed satisfactory results. We also diday on? aircraft to ecmply with TC toadiographic inspection of flight controls with this aircraft also showing satisfactory results. ay was somewhat of bigg or Job tion we hod undertaken before as it required someifferent shots.

- Theervice performed at Saigon started

ept.nd was completedepts scheduled, without encountering any parte shortage. To increase the stock level authorised forompleted review was conducted and subsequent stock requisitions forwsrdod to MKB for replacement action.

The project of assemblingechanic II tool kite for the newly employed and trained Mechanics was completed this month. Several items are still required, both for these kits and stock. Requisitioning ia preeently underway, and both kite anc stock will be completed upon receipt. In that unit also, the locator cards systems is being brought up to date ana expected to be ln oruer during

B,D. Hesecher

Acting Baseaigon

2 -


0 -

5. CorArmgt

Total Revenue Block



Total Vor^flevonDo Flight


y Type Of Aircraft

llghtTlao Flight Tlae



* I.

A. l. Karris

09! BH/SGN TJ'/SCfa


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