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70 PAV0


ctober Monthly Heport

Saigon Base Monthly Report for0 is forwarded in three copies for

your file.

E.J. Theisen



1. Total block time for Octobers ceopared5 for95 for

?. .Locally In Gallon the situation remains quite stable. Howeverovember we have experiencednra rocket impacta across tho river from the Majestic Hotel. According to puulie rumor, tho vc are going lo reduce their military activities cue to insufficient strenght but will increase shclli:ig and terrorism.

3, Facilities

8 - Completion of Concrete Pavement and Drainagead Completed.

7 - Improvement of Passenger Loungeompleted

2 - Henovation of Operationsaapleted

9 - Terminal Parking Apronompleted. Delay is due to dally rainfall.

4. Recent aircraft movement andB ? depositionod to Ddorn4 placed in storage SC'J4 added1 contract

0 dropped from contract and will regain as active ooare.ill be disposilioncd to VTii onS VTB at VI? will be replacedC6 oo Sunday as they are behind on PC6 minimum.

II. CUSTGVift RliLATIONS - Cui- relations remain excellent.

III. MEDICAL Number of sick4 'lumber of accidents:ospitalized sicknhospitalized accidents:utcalls: 3

Physical Fxaminationi ics loaves:


The Vietnamese jtatlonal Police seen to have slacked off in their "apprehend the TCt;sp campaign (Sep'teaber tiontiuy teport refers). Only ono of our TCKs was uetaii'.ed During the month. . inbassy assistance we have been able to obtain substitute documentation froa the Ministry of Interior snowing that our employees are legally in country. This substitutehas proved acceptaolo to the National Police and appears to Oe keeping our employees out of the pokey.

To oate there has been surprisingly little reaction to the partial devaluation from eacployers (both cocsercial and contractor) and Vietnoitese workers. Company postures are still pretty nuch "Let's wait andnd Vietnamese wrkcrs, while asking for increased wages and salaries, are doing so In very moderate tones. The workers' temperance seeos almost unnatural, especially in view of the fact that prices of essentials (especially foodstuffs and rents) have increased appreciably since cevaluation. Ae areood bit of time keeping abreast of this situation.

After an upsurge Just followingevaluation, tho open market rate for piastres seems to have settled down. The open market rate is now approximatelyo Ub*l.



ept (not repor ted in Se?)

Approxiles of Danang

Vthllettrong nocl? smoke also cooing fromo area. recaution landing was made. Later flown to LADengine cnangea. Possible .'io. 1carbon seal malfunction.

During Landing roll-out ,rop contacted single otrand ofwire on runway. Minor damage to two prop. tips. Frio; to landing pilot over-beadedtrip, however, he* did not note the wire ooscuroUrass.

2. Ground TronB^ortation

Aggregate sdcrobuses mileage: mL2 miles

Total aicrobuscs down-time:

total microbusos paxax

Isuzu bus9 km8 miles

Total isuzu bus

Isuzu bus paxL0 pax

Supply vehicleA kn0 niles Supply vehicles

vi. zuaffic/aah

is working on the parkins apron in front of ths terminal via heavy rains haw interfered with scheduled completion cabe but

will be a, grirat improvement upon coaplction.

leminal and tump agent recurrent training waa conductedmonth to review and realign daily procedures.

passengers departures sch (all contracts)

passengers arrivals sgn (all contract,,)

outbound cargo

inbound cargo


ne senior clerk position and one clerk one position were cancelled effective

cargo (including a?)

outbound (lbs)

inbound (lbs)

vii. plyltc

ehicle traffic was cut consider-ibly oy virtue of the roupup and tho par king- lot/rarapbeing closed to all traffic. however

as slight have been expected the vehicles wore not to be denied. chey now are delivering taany of their passengers to tho rasp side of the passenger terminal.

? october wo had an mfc conversion which didn't catch too many bysurprise, except possiuly air aaerica.

3,^ the annual cost reduction program cane up once ciore and we were asKed to cut personnel from our rosters. that sane oldoo" concept of transferring crews permanently to the outetat!ons naturally came up again. the sane old arguments wore presented again with an additional factor considering pera/ccopany agreement. hopefully this consideration for transferring crows to outstatlons will again be shelved.

ld awards were received with mixed emotions. Host, of the blading went pretty ouch as was expected, out there wereew disappointments. fcith that out of tho way, wo initiated action toeave schedule.

5. curing the nonth wc had several cases of theft, one known case of being shot at and another that was ouaerved. whileartyx. hana at arestaurant, HFDsF/.J* ooth hod their watches stolen, khlle returning from long dinh on the bleuhoa highway, e'SUumber of shots fired at his car.


.1. The unreliable Ca6 situation lias improved. We are now back to about routine maintenance.

ramp access gate which we closed and. lockedJcLeber hasopened once ouring the month ard it goes without saying thatproven we can survive with it closed. The biggestour efforts of restricting access of private vehicles to thealways the pilots. It sure made that area of the taxiway afor our employees using the crosswalk and the pilots no longer

had to fear cars darting onto the ramp and driving down the south taxi way.

renovation of the, Operations Building is progressing at Tie contractor started the work onulyonthcomplete. Based on recent talks with him he now hopes to complete

tho project by aboutovember.

The same contractoris working on the project of repaving the passenger terminal parking apron, which is scheduledeeks to complete. He startedctober but has lost aboutays because of almost daily raining from the typhoon weather recently.

Lm. pur second training course, to produce more "CN flight mechanics for theelicopters is scheduled to beginovember. The group has already completed the basic helicopter maintenance training anc3 maintenance training portions. In oid-hoveober they will start some six weeks of actual OJT flying. This final phase includes one week assignments at each sub-base in country and sling load flight training. The group is developing very well and wo are quite proud of the quality of these men.

E.J. Theisen


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