Created: 11/16/1970

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This publication Is Intended to furnish the Intelligence communityimely surrey of significant current scientific intelligence. The Items herein are based on selected Incoming reports of all kinds received during theTherepresent the views of :hc Ofilce of Scientific Intelligence and the Foreign Missile and Space Analysis CenUr and are coordinated to the extent possible in the time available within CIA but, tx'ng based on the material at hand, areto change on receipt of further Information or analysis. Wc caution against action taken solely on the basis of ihe preliminary evaluations herein. Substan-ttve questions cor.crrningn this publication may be addressed directly to tho OSI. OIAangley

coiitfi mental channels.

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This is the first reported occasionuban military exercise involved tha offensive enploy-nentW agent, although frequent previous exercises had called for the Cuban forces to defend against anerve agent attack. If the Cubans were to employ gbompany sire unit, such an attack would suggest that either mortar, artillery,ray CW weapons systems are expected to be made available to Cuban forces. Additionally, the presence of one or more specialists qualified to advise the corx.ander on the offensiveof any of the above weapons systems is implied. Consequently, ithat Cuban training in CW has movedurely defensive nature to where includes the possible use of CW offensively.

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