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caxbodia: The communists are increasing the tempo of military activity.

They hit Pochentong airfield near Phnom Penh early this morninground barrage ofrecoilless rifle, and rocket fire, the first direct attack on the airfield since last March* Damage and casualties apparently were light and no ground attacks have been reported* The attack is the first in the Phnom Penh area since latewhen enemy sappers caused extensive damage to several oil storage facilities within the city*

The Communists have also been increasing their activity northwest of the capital. Enemy elementsovember attacked two government battalions located about ten miles from the capital near the rail line town of Bat Doeng and have occupied the village of Bamnak farther north along the rail line following two days of sharp fighting.

a relief force from Pursat attempting toBamnak was also ambushed* Government losses in these actions wereilledounded. This pressure may be the work of Phuoc Long Front elements that recently moved into this area from the south.

In therea, meanwhile, the government has not yet secured Rumlong village, where heavy fighting continues into the third week. Theare maintaining pressure on government units throughout the Rumlong area but may be rotating their forces* The continued hard fighting alongs beginning tosychological toll in Phnom Penh, where the optimism of Cambodianleaders has given way to excessive pessimism* Prime Minister Lon Nol is scheduled to meet with his field commanders today to discuss what to do

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10 nov 71


JORDAN-FEDAYEENU econd round of,WiJ^ar,d, an" accommodation between Amman and the Palestinian guerrillas has opened*

Although fedayeen leaders are still disputing the value of the earlier round of talks, Yasir Arafat and his supporters within the Palestine Liberation Organization have decided toositive effort toward an agreement, if even minimal terms can be obtained, rather than merely to maneuver foradvantage. The fedayeen have named awhich is composed almost entirely ofanxious to concludeompromise in order toinimum commando presence in Jordan.

Both the fedayeen and the Jordanians havethe negotiations in response to Saudi Arabian pressure* Nevertheless, they may both revert to hard positions* Elements within Fatah, the major organization involved in and most affected by the negotiations, are wary of the talks and may seek to torpedo them*

Jordanian Prime Minister Wasfi Tal appearsoptimistic that the talks may end in an agree* ment. He rules out any large-scale return ofto Jordan or the loosening of control over those who will be allowed to re-establish themselves in the country* On the other hand, the King and Jordan Army leaders are unalterably opposed to any provision that will openemote possibility that the fedayeen could re-establish their former entrenched position in Jordan. (ttrnvsr forkth>j

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