Created: 7/30/1971

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: Monthly Report.

All of the problems previously reported seen to continue with the exception of visas for the cockpit-crews. These have mostly been issued or at least the work-

continue, with middle of the night house searches by police, reminiscent of Germany ins, becoming aore prevalent daily. Bribery and/or theft are to be expected as the least of the losses to be expected if personnel receive one of these visits. "TToTielp, support or symathy is expected or received from the US Embassy on these natters.

The National Police did come up with one new form of harassment this month. 0 returned from TWf, it was late in the evening and the passengers, crewargo cleared immigration and customs without any difficulty. When everyone arrived at AAM Traffic the National Police delayed them over an houralf for no apparent reason. Ho further searches or checks were made. The only two assumptions which could be drawn, they were lookingay-off or it was Just open harassment. The fact that two of the passengers were the wife and son of the Chlaf of USAtB Air Operations made no apparent difference. Perhaps this may generate some relief from such foolishness in the future. At least we can be optimitic. .

Theere returned to So far we have met all schedulesand-crook. Wef the assigned crewsvice. The balance of nanning is node up of pilots "borrowed" from other programs. Since the scheduling of the Ct7's have been very heavy during the month we have been denied training

aircraft by the customer. CP/VTE and CP/3KK have been assisting us in our training.

'We have yet to begin initial training on two assigned PIC and one SIC. WeIC's requiring proficiency checks and we have one SIC yet to report in from 3KK.

made an overnight visit andhort pilots meeting regarding the ^forthcomning furloughs. Due to his very brief stay he was unable toquestion and answer" session, consequently all of those who could be affected by the cut-back are in rather low spirits pending the outcome of their immediate future and the overall impact on their position with the cospany.

FEPA's intelligence system continues to be the first to know of what is going on and they have seen fit to advise us as to what is programed for the company and the station. Their information has proven to be accurate more often than not, even though some of their information Is in the form of rumor or "word-of-mouth".

Generally the month could best be summed up as one of apathy. The reduction in force, lack of information ae to what was either going on or programed supressed any feelings of interest or loyality that might otherwise have been in evidence.


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