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1. According toBBflSBBBLV* 'ormer cadre of the VC QDSZ Transportation0 throe Americantaff sergeant and an enlisted man, were scot to work In the office of the QDSZ Current Affairs Committee nearn the mountain area of Son Phuc Village, CVN Due Due District, CVN Quang Nam Province.* Initially the VC cadres were forbidden to talk with the American POW's, but later the Americans, who could speak some Vietnamese became friendly with several cadres in the area. The three- POW'e, whoso names arc unknown, were described as follows:

captain was white, abouteters tall, and had bulging eyes, blondemoustache and hairy forearms- He was single andformer college student. Ho was captured8 bywhile on an operation In Binh Duong Village.District, Quang Tin Province. He was detainedby an unidentified section of VCor He then reportedly agreed to work for the VC. **

staff sergeant was white,eters tall, and fat,rotrudinghad brownoustache and was sunburned. single andister whoollege teacher.captured by guerrillas during an operation near the Quo

VC QDSZ Includes Danang and most of OVN Quang Nam Province. VCovers the area of South Vietnam generally Included between CVN Quang Nam Province on the north and Darlac and Khanh Hoa Provinces on the south.

' pflHsVComment: According to the Jo let Personnel Recovery Center (JPSCJ 1Mb deseriptionmatchea that of SP4 Custav Mehrsr, (also known as Gusho went AWOI- from hie unit on8 toourt martial for repeated use of marijuana. His unit was in Southern Thang Blnh District at the time. Herother whoajor and has tried to pass himself off as an officer In the past.

Son Mountains in Phu Huong Village. Que SoK District, Quang Tin Province. He was detained for thought reform by angencyew months and afterwards reportedly agreed to work for the VC.

C. The enlisted man was black, aboutearseters tall, and fat, He had bulging eyce, facial acne, and had Several upper front teeth missing. He was captured at approximately the same location as the captain He also received thought reformew months while detailedCgency. He then went to work for the VC. The' black POW claimed to have teen several.other American POW'e detained by MR-5.

2. While undergoing thought reform the POW'e ware indoctrinated on theolicies of tha National front for the Liberation of South Vietnam (NFLSVN, and the activities of. "Progressive" Movement. They were also taught aome Vietnamese language. Upon completing the indoctrination those POW't willing to work for the VC were tint to various VCheent to North Vietnam.

tmmrnt: AccordingRC, the deacription of thlt manCorpoial Dennis Hammond, captured In Dlen Ban Districthile trying toombined Action Platoonthat was being overrun. He has helped write, and ha* signed,of propaganda for the

>mnient: According to JPRC this man closely resemblesS. Burch, >an AWOL mtrlne, who it also missing front teeth. He wajteen In8 when he returned to Danang for rest andit poatiblc that he had gone at far south at Quang Tin Province into reach act area that was on limits and in which it would bthide

**flBBK "thres POW'sptured inang Nam

Province, which includes GVN Quang Tin Province and part of CVN Quaog Nam Province. See1 forreport on anhought reform camp located on the border of GVN Quang Tin and Quang Ngal Provinces.

S. In0 the changing military situation forced the VCurrent Affairs Committee to move from nearn Son Phuc Village, GVN Due Due District, ton the mountalni of GVN Thuong Due District. The three American POW'i also moved and worked in the new location. The captain worked closely with Current Affairs Committee members and seldom talked to other VC cadres. In1 the captain was transferrednidentifiedgency, leaving the two enlisted men POW't at the ODSZ echelon. These two were then assigned to the QDS2 military proselyting section to write leaflets and letters urging. troops to stop their military activities nd desert. The two POW's also interrogated. troops, recorded propaganda speeches for broadcast,taught English to the QDSZ cadres. Each American POWood allowance ofU.S.hich is three times thatDSE cadre. They also were given. field rations obtained In GVN markets, and were issued rubber sandals and VC black. olive green uniforms.

black POW appeared to have more freedom ofthe others; he occasionally accompanied VC transportation cadresPhu Thuan market nearn Loc Ouy Village or to Xuyen(GVNJ)here they obtained rice forVi tol jffiSjp : o did not want to return toame, and lhatTolhad written two letters to friends in theJanuary and1 to. youth to continuedemonstrations. These letters were mailed through the VC

posbtl system via Hanoi.

ne American POW who had teen capttheai Loc District and brought to the Committee location. staff sergeant interrogated the new POWew days; he wasto an unknown location. In1 the VCtrong am ^

on Al Nghla Town (Dal Loc Districtrior to this attack' '- .

[Comment: The POW who interrogated the now POW and the naw jay have helped make the advance plans for the attack.

>mment: This attack actually occurreday and resulted In enemy killed In action (KlA)nemy POW's. OVN forces suffered IS KIA andounded In action.

o o


these rOW's were seen meeting with QDSZ military cadres nearn Phu Binh Hamlet. Loc Ouy Village. GVN Due Hue District. The military cadre* Included Fnu Ngoc, Commander ofocal) Sapper Unit; FM Ouy. Commander ofth Transportation Battalion of Frontnu Kh*ol, Deputy Commander ofh Regiment; Fnuember ofh Regiment, who interpreted for the two POW's.

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