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soawCT ting of Three Groups of American Prisoners ofV'iltration Boutc in Laos and Cnnbodia

Heariaison station aw another group of aboutnevicans d. f Laotian "prisoners also :

Suamary. Khlle traveling south fron North Vlotnas (Nvx)lace in Laos approximately opposite Khe Sanh, Viang Triouth Vietnan (SYX), Infiltration Gro-jp passed aboutaucasian and Kegro prisoners being led Xorttmrd. Tncy acre roup of civilians,arge naa-bcr.ef children, also beading north.April IOCS, tbe lnfiltretloa group stopped for five days' !it at tbe secondfetation on the Infiltrationn, Laos west of Kontun Province, SVX. At thiswhich he was'-' old woro occupied by .taken into the area androup


CAMP LOG wd:.'

UTM Ca'd:.

INFO Card:.


cciuRii. End Eui-iaary.

!. -In NarthIti':iiioii Group 2P9 was lui.:irtiSVXowao-liaison traili.Uelj in the gai-e s KheV.-J ivoi'liieo, CVX,uliawvcdof nvalid communist Boldicrx.he.idin?this groupine'ofrisoners narching in single file, boundmetal chainE attached to the Icitere in uniform; about hall wovethernnouflngcd Jungle fatigues. Thetired and had long hee.rOB, but none appeared toor Kiel:. oroao-liaisonlkcd in front group ands at tho rear of the column.j guards on bothf tbe

cnri-yinyutomatic rifles and pistols. Eachiu his rightairly large blue woodenappcr.rcd vtry heavy, bu1 *Oal did not hnor what Behind the column of prisonersroup Ofcadres, all of whore were middle to old age, thuaarge nuabar of children rangingS lo I'., The children asked sonc of thecandy and InoO and siado corenents about losingin the south, several oi the children talked to snifl."tUe> were going to Hanoi.

of Konturnation oi. the "Liberatioaai Phong), The troops and canned beefoulh. Entertain ent stage shows and reading cd to an area on the side tation whereo 12

it .1

3. in Laos, SVK, at tic iCcord cotaeo-lied son CxuilO-Lilison Line" (Duong Ginq trillion:efreshments, vitan strengthen then, before procee was provi-cdln the way of materia!. asill near the eowto-liaison lildings wore- surrounded by barbed wire and armedas told . prisonors were kept-her* and that -unit uoulji be allowed to obsorve the POits. : assaasl "nit were. Drought to each one of theoved to loo* at the Americans.. eJB/s. onlj saw oneusc vijere four Americanogro, vera dciainod. EacA of the four eon wore camouflaged jungle fatiguesappoared to be in good her.ltb. Also inside the buildingort It TietfiSftcso doctor's office and an rea foi food supplies. <fJJB^:ul Lis SQuad were cautioned no', to speak to tho prisoners or to abuse the* ohysically. Before cawing the hut where the Ancricans were Boused, theore so:rchodurrd for any objects that prisoners eight be able to aeiita and use as weapons. The group then novod intohut and walked around the area watching' the Asioricans. The Americans waved to then and smilofi, but did not,try_to talk to the soldiers.


tho huts used for detainingeters Io:jS andidO'.' Each -prisoner wasarbed wire, enclosurehut but %as able to reach'through "to tho adjoiningcorridor ran down ore sideut &hcrcMtandwalked.that the POSs bnd ?fflwdcat and appeared to oe in good bonlth. The

were not chainyLor tied nod bad sVcedon of novesontheir cells. *aBJra*ard that the doctor in this hut wa* responsible forare ol the prisonors. dSBBsssk. i Comment: Accordingbeing spread the infiltration rest caaip; nearby that CecaunUt " "



advij-orsvotT,nig with T'MJtfid not

6CC any.) Thdromid the POft camp und :iV uiXOrtliassigned to tha Security 3ordW Defense tC" Phong) and werethutomatic weapon*.

4. Inft infiltration GroupwasE-S r. Ikou stiitlon in Cm toohenroup ol aboutnericMis, aboutI'd Kcgro, being led corthsa.d. They woro tiedto one another by the loft hand and uro guards nraod withutomatic weapon*. The PCSstill in uniform, most of thee wearingfi.tiguea; They appeared inalth andno injured pcrtons. aansfe;nobeabout six Uto POTS and looked down th'jhe saw six oriental soldiers, tied by their handswithhains. These men seemed to bo in poorand were walking rather.

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