Created: 6/29/1971

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Church leaders are cautiously turning.

up the heat on the government over the case of a


The strong agitation over tho case has surprised the government, which has further damaged its own position by proposing incredible theses to explain the priest's fate. Although the church leaders want to defend the church against the threat implicit in Father Gallegos" death, they seem fearful of what an open confrontation with the regime will bring. They have let go by several opportunities for aattack on the government, while keeping alive public interest by having something to release to the press and television each day.

The church's hiringrofessionalhas been funded mainly by leadingthat other natural opponents of themay be encouraging the church to meet thehead-on. The response from Torrijoschargeshitewash or somein the case, such as the discoverybody, might force the church into an opento the



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