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Preparations tor the Moscow Round of theMaritime

1. The two topics that have received the most attention in efforts to tighten the US's negotiating positionebruary, when the Washington round of current US Soviet maritime talks ended, have been port access and national flag cargo carriage. Withir tho topic of port access interest has centered on the need to reduce the time interval for advance submission of crew member visas and crew lists and on means for opening additional Soviet ports to calls by US shios.

justify the opening of additionalto calls by US ships, attempts are underway

to prove that various closed ports such as Vladivostok, Nlkolayev, and Liepaya have previously been visited by Free World ships. The Navy's Ocean Survc'illance

Information Center ats currently making

a computer run for this purpose at the Agency's behest.

We doubt that it will prove the case.

on the topic of national flaghave largely involved discussions between

the Department of State and the.Maritime Administration who have had difficulty inutually agreeable stand. Marad has beenolution that would result in the sharing of US/Soviet seaborne trade by ships of those countries with no acknowledgement of the right of third party ships to participation; State's emphasis, reflected in the new working papers, is on the maintenance of parity between tho volumes of cargo carried by US and Soviet shipsesidual amount of cargo is left for

third party ships.


remaining three topicSeaFacilitationnd "Exchanges of Informationhave raised little controversyof the Washington round of talks. been called in to assist in tighteningon the exchange of nautical chertsefforts to investigate the extent ofin making publications of thothe Maritime Fleet on shipping and relatedto the US may lead to the abandonmentto include this aspect of thoinfor future negotiations.

on which the Agency is likely

to be askedosition at theebruary USC meeting ore the advance interval required for submission of crew visas or lists and the desirability of continuing to ask for an exchange of shipping publications (as opposed to navigation charts).

Although Department of State Publication Procurement Officers continue to have difficulty in obtaining publications on technical and economic aspects of shipping in theecent check at the Library of Congress indicates that most of the publications of the Soviet Ministry of the Maritime Fleet on shipping unavailable to the PPO's have been acquired by the Library on the basis of its exchange agreement with the Lenin Library in the USSR. For this reason, OER feels that the language inf the draft note on charts and publications is no longer en appropriate topic for the negotiations. It should be noted that this

topic is not included in paragraphn page 11

of theebruary use Memorandum for the President.

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