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Central Intelligence Bulletin

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The CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN is produced 6yDirector ofto meet Mi lesoonvbilitles lor otoviainj current intelligence bearing, onnational security to ttit President,Council, and other sen.or

oove-nmpni officials, it is produced in consultation with trie; Departments ofand Oefenie. When, because o* tie time factor, adeouate consultation vnth the departmentprimary concern is not feanble, items or poitions thereof are produced by the Central fntetlrgenee Agency endh bracket!

his publicationno preliminary views which are subject to modification in the ngM of further information and more complete analysis.

Ce-lem mtellrgenc* Item,hisay be designated specif Kaiiy 'or no further dissem.nation. Ofer intelligtnct items may be disseminated further, but onlyeed-to-know Basis.

The CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN is published inopecret edition. ftecipamts ol Use more tightly heM Codeword vtrMn mould not discuss it or its Codeword contents with recipient* of the Secret edition.


This document contains classified information affecting the national wcunty ol the Unitedhin Ihe meaning of the espionage laws. US Code..


It is to Be seen only by US personnel especially mdoctnnifed and authorised to receive COMMUNICATIONS INTELLIGENCE informel>on, ill security must be maintained tn accordance with COMMUNICATIONS INTELLIGENCE REGULATIONS.

No action Is to Be taken on any COMMUNICATIONS INTELLIGENCE which may oe contained herein, regardless o* We advantage! to be gamed, unless such action is first approved by me Director of Central Intelligence.

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WEST GERMANY: The Munich tragedy hasajor blow to West Germany's self-esteem andprestige, and could affect the coming elections.

Chancellor Brandt had hoped that the Olympic Games, the first in Germanyould giveorely needed boost in the parliamentary elections this fall. Although he and his colleagues in Bonn performed creditably during the crisis, the fact of the tragedy and the inevitable questions about how it was handled will overshadow all other aspects of the games.

A public mood of dissatisfaction/ shame, and even insecurity could harm Brandt's election chances if only because he is the incumbent. Publicis likely to focus on the inability of security officials to anticipate or prevent the terrorist attack and, later, to rescue the Israeli hostages.

The Christian Deniocratic/Christian Social opposition will probably find it difficult tothe tragedy. Although both parties havo hit hard on the "law and order" issue, the conservative Christian Social Union controls the Bavarianand, in West Germany's federated police structure, would have to bear the onus for much criticism. Political leaders and security officials from all parties, moreover, Joined forces on Sin reacting to the terrorist attack. The temptation to seek partisan political gain may also be offsetreater desire to prevent further damage to West Germany's international image.

The extent and nature of foreign reaction could also have an Impact in West Germany. German opinion will be most sensitive to any criticism from Israel, although Brandt appears to haveWest German actions with an Israeliminister who flew to Municheptember.

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