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Papadopoulos' victory statementledge to fulfillleclionOne of his deputies, Styiianosthe regime

intends lo ronow scrupulously its constitutional obligations. Pattakos saidonstitutional court would be set up immediately to oversee the creation ol political parties. He added Ihaland national elections would be held by the endlthough the regime has not yet determined which election will come first.}

rhc make-up of the republican cabinet is in doubt. The altered constitution willajor re-organ ization of the governmentbut Papadopouloi intends to move slowly and carefully. Military oppositionesult of his rush toepublic, and Papadopoulos wants to avoidunnecessary frictions over Iho appointmentabinet. His key military supporters fear thai, now that he has increased his powers, he will no

longer have to consider thei To allay their fears and cht Pupadopoulos may stretch tion process until fall, partii weed out some of lhe more of lhe present government.

S and interests, irabmet selec-if he wishes to itious membe's

cyprus: imev/sthessfs

ore thanng with the kid-pingabinet minister, are the latest prod-Is of the st-uggl* between Archbishop Makarios IJ and George Grlvas. Ono casualty occurredesult of the bomb attacks, which have come from supporters of bath Grivis and the

'aka'ios has blamed grivas for theThe kidnapers, who have held Justice Minis-Mr Vafcis sinceuly, have not made their demands known,'o-Grivas dai'y has called for the resignation of Makarios and the dispers* of his auxiliary police force. Makarios hassaid that he will not yield to blackmail, and after the kidnaping vowed lo wipe out G'ivas' underground bands^

rchbishop has recently strengthened his security forces, rounded up scores of Grivas adherents, and restricted the pro-Grivas press.the aged Grivas' health reportedly isand his supporters are heavily outnumbered by Makarios' forces, he and they appearto retaliate.*)

fOne aspect ol thethe immediate cause o* the currentthehe Cyprusew months ago, Grivas and Athens supported an attempt by threeto defrock Makarios unless he agreed tohis presidential powers. The Archbishop responded byhurch synod thatthe bishops and defrocked them instead. In late July. Makarios enthroned the first new bishop. The Archbishop's inlention to pursue his purge of those who have challenged him ensures continuing problems, and probably morefor the troubled Greek Cypnot

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