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onfident president

fC fccorgefust President of tho newconfidont and Inof his government.percent "yes" vole must bo officially approved by the Supreme Court within fifteen days of last Sunday. The court is also obliged to consider formalcontesting the validity ol the vote, and opposition politicians plan to'st of voting irregularities. The vote claimed by thewil be validated, however, despite thepiessuie and the usual skulduggery that rle.iilv inflalaH ll"

, .

Of the affirmative vote.**

T^fpapadopouios' victory statementledge to fulfill his pre-electionOne of his deputies. Styiianoslhat the legime

intendsscrupulously its constitutional obligations. Pattakos saidonstitutional court would be sel up immediately to oversee the creation of political parlies. He added thatand national elections would be held by the endlthough the regime has not yet determined which election will come first^

Yhe make-up of tho republican cabinet is in doubt. The altered constitution willajor re-organization of the governmentbut Papadopoulos intends to move slowly and carefully. Military oppositionesult of his rush toepublic, and Papadopoulos wantsvoidunnecessary frictions over the appointmentabinet. His key military supporters fear that, now that ha has increased his powers, he will no longer have to consider their views and interests. To allay their (ears and check their disaffection, Papadopoulos may stretch out the cabinetprocess until fall, particularly if he wishes to weed out sonic of the more contentious members of the present government "

cyprus: new stresses

tf |More thanombings, along withabinet minrstei, are the latestucts of the struggle between Archbishop Makarios aland George Grivas. One casualty occurrod as aresult of the bomb attacks, which have come from supporters of both Grivas and the

* ftlakarios has blamed Grivas for theThe kidnapers, who have held JusticeVakis sinceuly, have not mad* their demands known,ro-Gnvas daily has called for the resignation of Makarios and the dispersal of his auxiliary police force. Makarios hassaid that he will not yield to blackmail, and after the krdnapmg vowed to wipe out Grivas' underground bands?

ft [The Archbishop has recently strengthened his security forces, rounded up scores o' Grivas adherents, and restricted the pro-Grivas press.the aged Grivas* health reportedly isand his supporters are heavily outnumbered by Makarios' forces, he and they appearto retailafaj

[One aspect of Ih*theot the Currentthethe Cyprusew months ago,Athens supported an attempt by throeto defrock Makarios unless he agreed tohis presidential powers Thebyhurch synod thatthe bishops and defrocked them instead.July. Makanos enthroned the firstThe Archbishop's intention to pursueof those who have challenged himproblems, and probably morefor theek Cypriot


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