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Security consideration! remained predoml-nent in shaping the Junta's policy decisions this week as the armed forces and carabine*os made further inroads into traditionally civilian Chilean institutions.

Btiut thebelieve the leTt^sregrouping forguerrilla activity. They see the currentcalm as deceptive and have warnedpolice units not to relax their vigilante.probably is warranted in believing thathave not bean totally neutralized.extremist group aWUtLWtm^LWassets have notIs anxious to get intoactlon.|

H^BJitl worker-peasant base it lcs;nj its mil'..

and becoming resigned to the new government. Security forces meanwhile continue to turn up arms caches and capture fugitive leftists. The major security event of the week was the arrest of Communist Party chief Luis Corvalen; he is now on trial for treasonilitary court that could hand down the death penalty.

The preoccupation with securityis behind the Junta's continued use of the harsh measures It deems necessary to deal with dissidents. The junta has pointedly reminded the military and police that orders such as thosefor the Immediate punishment of certain crimes "In the very spot where they areare absolute, definitive, and not subject to Interpretation or discussion. On the other hand, the government does not appear to bein the wholesale execution of prisoners.

Foreign Minister Hue-la will address the UN General Assembly next week and attempt tothe coup In the court of world opinion, but the junta apparently is willing to pay the price of alienating some support at home anded press abroad In carrying out Its campaign to rid the country of Marxist influence. When the junta concluded this week that the university rectors were not willing tohorough Ideological housecleaning, it decided to appoint military "delegates" to do the Job regardless of resulting gmiuw^.i

Tre partynot reacthowever, ana it apparently still hopes to influence the regime fromy*

The government's outlook is not entirely defensive. The junta hopes to build support In the traditional bastion of leftist strength with aattempt to provide working class Chileans with basic necessities, demonstrate concern for their welfare, and achieve real socialrogram to Improve the lot of urban slum dwellers already has been announced. The announcement that wage Increases scheduled to go Into effectctober have beenindefinitely contradicts this, however,ine with the regime's attempt to limitand bring inflation under control. The government took care to point out that special provisions would be made to maintain the buying power of the lowest paid workers.

The junta has been enjoying the unqualified support of the conservative National Party and of Vie private enterprise and professionalriction between the government and these groups could develop however, if It becomes more apoarant that the regime takes seriously lbabout equitable distribution of the nation's wealth, worker welfare and profit-sharing, and not "turning back theome businessmen JMalready are trying to get the Junta to lity provisionsraft statement of noliti-cal. economic, and soetal_ orinctoles.



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