Created: 12/14/1973

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The junta appears to have the securitywell In hand, but it is concerned over the possibility that its opponents will attempt to re-focus international attention on Chile withactivity during the Christmas

Extremists still are lar from ready tooncerted terrorist campaign, but probably could carryew spectacular operations. Strict security measures remain in effectand the regime has been trying to counter rumorsblack Christmas" with assurances that the armed forces "will guarantee tranquility and see to it that every childs part of its general strategy, the junta reportedly has decided that it will not negotiate with kidnapers and that three prominent leftist prisoners will be executedidnap victim is killed.

The junta apparently has also decided to end the exodus of dissidents. Safe-conduct passes out of the country will not be granted to persons seeking asylum in European embassies afterecember. Asylum can still be secured at Latin American embassies, but these remain closely watched and several people have recently been caught trying to scale the walls. The regime has struck back at its disaffected diplomats and other opponents outside the country by withdrawing their citizenship.

The current wage-price squeeze, putting the traditional holiday amenities out of the reach of many, may cause heightened resentment against the regime and its economic policies. Thiscould have more serious consequences than, the threat of leftist violence.

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