Created: 6/5/1974

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FBI Announces Arrest In Patterson Case

Onay the FBI announced the arrest of Bobby Joe Keesee charging him with attempting to0 In connection with the mysterious disappearance in March of John Patterson,. Vice-Consul in Hermoslllo, Mexico, who is still (See the issue ofarch, Keesee, who has been Involved in several bizarre international Incidents over the

Kstears, noit recently turned uproup of Americanreturning from North Vietnam In His surprise appearance appeared to0 reportharter pilot in Bangkok that an unidentified Americanhis piano and forced hla to landeach In North Vietnam. Keesee previously hadlane and flown it to Cuband he was amongostages held and released by Palestinian guerrillas in Amman, Jordan

The FBI statedre Is no evidence linking Keesee with the disappearance of Patterson, who vanished onarch shortly after leaving the consulate in Hermoslllo; nevertheless Keesee has been charged with "causing to b; delivered" to theansoa note (UNCLASS1F

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