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Koacov Restrained on Turkish Takeover. ' -


Moacov Cool to Egyptian Actions Over CSEF Extension Issue . OUA

DPRX Spokesaan. Proposal To Disband UNIETNAM

Salaon Front Organization Holds Congress, ElectsHINA

China Hses FLA To Insure Order. Production lohina Reports Rapid Growth of rectory Calversity

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Collection of Brezhnev Speeches on the Ecooosy Published NOTTS

PRC Earth Satellite; Moscow en PortugueseSpeech

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PRC Vic* Pcsafcr Ku Ku onuly brokeIo tha fighting In Angola among cotrpetlnr Liberationlading Lha Soviet Union fur "perpetrating subteifuses and trying by all mesas to etir up Internal confllcta" In Angola lor lta ovn hegroonlc ends. Ku'e remarks, a:anquetalageayeconomic delegation to reklr.g. have been followed by several NCSA cosnencarles sharply critical of hoacov'* Angolan pollcj andhines'* rejoinder to recent accusations by the Soviet aedla chat Peking hae encouraged attacks by on* liberation group, che Angolao National Liberation Froot (FNLA),against tha others.*

In hie banquet apeech Ku noted that the three Angolan liberation FNLA, the People's Liberation Moveaent of Angoland th* Union for the Total Liberation of Angolarecentlyheir lctentioc to work together toward Independence, and he expressed Peking'a conviction that auperpover "sabotage and intrigue" could be overcon* If the groups strengthened their unity- WlthoJt specifically Mntlonlng the USSR, Ku added thatuperpower" which he said was stirring up Angolan internal conflict for Its own advantage was ocrclyock only to drop it on It* own feet."

Auly NCSA conaencary eharply accused "oacow of attempting to sabotage Che landmark actord worked out among th* three rival groups In Nakuru, Kenya, onune by publicly classifying the groups Into "revolutionary, Donravolutlonary and even counter-revolutionary" eategorlee and by secretly shipping arms to "atlr up civil war" aoong the rival Insurgent oovenents. It avoided specifically aentlonlng whic'. liberation group Moscow supports against the others, however. NCNA further charged chat Moscow,thief crying 'atopas set Its "propaganda oachinea lo notion" co alander China and "other African countries" ovet Angola and it reaffirmed Peking'a "conslatent, resolute support to the Angolan people's efforts ght for national Independence In unity."

NCNA onuly accused Moscow of interfering Inuly OAU CcuncLI of Minister* session In Kanpela, Uganda, with the Intention of rendering "th* Angolan Issue even note complicated by dividing African It reported favorably oa tha 2Bth


in Angola era discussed

chat the OAU alnlsterlal council session had proposed fur approval by theh euznlt tooference opening onuly that the thraa Angolan liberation or|aniiatlona ecessately and ettand the conference to discuss the Angolan question.

J25 PEOPLE'S OAILT editorial

coaoeaoratlag theanuary signature of the Angolan independence agreement In Lisbon by all three Angolan liberation groupa had warned agilnst the dangera of superpower "sabotage" and atated that "the unity of the Angolan liberation organisation* la an InportaDe guarantee for lopleoentlng tha agreement and winning Independence ln che daya toeking haa alace taken pains co maintain (rleodly relations with the three Angolan groups, ea<hwhich haa sent delegation to Peking this year. Both the UNITA delegacloo led by general commander Saauel Chlwale In late Kerch and early April, and the FXLA delegationront Politburo oenber Heodrik Vaal Neto in aid-July, bad "cordial and friendly" conversations with PRC Lao-plng, according to NCSA. The agency J, delegation led by Politburouclen

Vice Premier Tang hs reported tbat the MPI

Lara la lace Hay and early Jun*cordial end friendly" conversation with lower-ranking Vice Prenier Chi Teng-kuei. Faking had not previously reported the outbreak of flghcing becweea the Angolan groups either before or since Che signing of the HaVuru agreement onune, avoiding the Issue even lo KCKA's factualune reporc on ths signing of th* agreeaenc.


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