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U-evidence, ot PRC space iiWEeconnaissance sateilites had top priority whileand space research satellites were second am) third In priority, respectively.

Jtheof most ol China's spaceunder the] Academy1C) i


8 Jul 75




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.ateitnf nia aingnsa top priority tovarloua types of reconnaissance satellites.and space research satellites were secondprior It.,', respectively.

which resulted in; practically allhe Acaderry of Scienceseing aoalgnedjfto institutes under tha National Science and Tochnoloqy Commissionittle emphasis remained on purely scientific space research which wan left with the CAS.

lthough these relative priorities and Military control ofpace progrin have beenand agree Jwith intelligence assessments, this is



_NDSTC takeover of lono-RiD with emphasis on determining aolar Ionosphere and, subsequently, on romrauni-pertinent scientific data were forwarded to

IChlnese scientist* nave stated thatmeteorological satellite would be launchedt could also support military programs. (

spheric effects cations, the rJDSTC.


and solar on the All


low priority for purely scientific spaceis supported by the lac* of launches sinco the two satellites01 despite the availabilityroven launch vehicle. Reconnaissance andsatellites, however, probably wouldarger, more sophisticated launch vehicle.

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