Created: 7/15/1995

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merica Colombia

FARC Kills Two US Missionaries

Marxist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC) killed twoSieve Welsh and Timothy Van Dyke,ircrignl with ihconune, Both men were kidnapped by FARC guerrillas in Januaryguerrillas apparcmly assassinated die two hostages in an attempt toilitaryMinister of Defense

said the patrol engaged Ihc terrorists during "normal" anligucmlla operations^ |

The Colombian military and national amikidnapping unitoint planthe two hostages in earlythe

wiwm pracg irrg niwiaga in greater jeop-

ardy. The Colombian military has been criticized in Ihc past (or its heavyhanded rescue mcittods thai often hove led to serious injuries or death to kidnap victims. InARCritish businessmanotched rescue attempt by ihc military. |

Undefended foreign and religious workers in rural sections of Colombia remain in danger of being kidnapped by FARC, which frequently kidnaps US ciluensal greatest risk include missionaries, petroleum engineers, or employees of evangelical organizations, who work in rural areas near guerrilla-occupiedFARC currently is holding four US missionariesublic relations employee. The group usually releases hostages unharmed after its demands for substantial ransom payments are met.1

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