Created: 7/28/1979

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Coup Plot

Only the outlinco of the murky political nituation in Iraq arc apparent nearly two weet afteronopiracy agcinat Sadden HuoaynM ew Vrcci dent. Sadden apparently wae ahnllenged, orr warroup of ncuior lt%:aih Partyand ranking military cfficure, Many arreotts have beennd oome plottcrn are reported tobeer cxeeuted.

The motivating force behind the plot remain? unclear. Saddam loyalists, who probably sec political value in blaming external forces, continue to allege Syrian in* volvencnt. The charges are low key, however, and have been madeanner that does not directly involve Syrian President Assad. The Syrians nevertheless are probably worried that the allegations will bringeturn to hostile relations with Iraqime when Damascus has internal security problems and trouble in Lebanon. Syrian Foreign Minister Khaddam was reported

to have been in Baghdad yesterday perhaps trying to cn^

dure that bilateral relations remain on an even

Saddam for now seens in firm control, and more arrests

are likely. With the exception of Sa'dun Shakir, Iraq's

chief intelligence and security official, Iraqi media

have made no mention of senior regime fiqures since last week.

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