Created: 7/28/1979

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National Intelligence Daily

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IRAQ: Coup Plot

only the oultineo of the murky poll tiaai aitiiaiiou ir, iraq are apparent nearly tuo ueekc afteronspiracy against saddam husayn, the ncu caddan apparently uae challcn-jed, or believed he uao threatened,roup of ccnior baath party offi-cialo and ranking military officers. many arrentti have been made, and gome ulottera are reported toeen executed.

The motivating force behind the plot remains unclear. Saddam loyalists, who probably see political value in blaming external forces, continue to allege Syrian The charges are low key, however, and have been madeanner that docs not directly involve Syrian President Assad. Tho Syrians nevertheless arc probably worried that the allegations will bringeturn to hostile relations with Iraqime when Damascus has internal security problems and trouble in Lebanon. Syrian Foreign Minister Khaddam was reported

to have been in Baghdad yesterday perhaps trying to on-

sure that bilateral relations remain on an even keel.

Saddam for now seems in firm control, and more arrests are likely. With the exception of Sa'dun Shakir, Iraq's chief intelligence and security official, Iraqi media havi made no mention of senior regime figures since last wee k.

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