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j MEMORANDUM POR: Cmdr. Ton Bamett, ACDA


Cost Comparison of US and Soviet ICBM and

LLBM Prograaui

memorandum responds to your requeat fortha costa of US and Soviet ICBM and SSBN/SLBM programs. Three

* eats of data are provided:

Hill il I. i itM

cooparisoo of the estimated dollar costs of Sovietith comparable US outlaya for the periodhe year of the SAI. Interim Agreement, These dataeasure of the relative size of the activities of theountries.


analyeia of the shares of total expenditures for strategic

Intercontinental missile forces devoted to ICBM and to SSBN/

SLBM forcce foreriod and foreriod.

The data are presented in the currency of each country to

provide an indication of tha priority aaclgned to the two


coaparlaon, lj ruble tenet of Soviet expenditures on selected . CBM and SLBM programs.

i .

data are in constant prices so that they exclude theof inflation. The dollar coat figures for the USSR are estimates of what

lt would cost in the US to carm out the Soviet activities. The dollar expenditure figures for the US are derived from DoD data, converted

jjjij to outlays and stated8 dollars. The ruble data for the USSR

reflect our estiatate of Soviet expenditures for these programs in terms of the prices prevailing The calculations inc)"ded Investment

(procurement of weapons and construction of facilities) and operating ij expenditures (personnel and operating andhey exclude RDTiE. Please note that we have leas confidence in our cost estimates at the mission or program level chan at the level of total defense expenditures. I

'The Soviet and US ICbM andLBN programs compared in dollar terme in thia irt^randum are defined according to the US Defense Planning and Programming (DPPC).


eriod the estimated dollar,coet ofprograms exceeds comparable OS outlays byercent;coat of Soviet SSBN/SLBM programs are estimated to bepercent greater than US outlays for comparable prograsia.

Expenditure Priority of Intercontinental Missile Systens

S outlays for SSBN/SLBM programs wereoverercent larger than outlays for ICBM programs. Ineatlmated ruble expenditures for ICBM programshan those for SSBN/SLBM programs.

i, US investment and operating expenditures for intercontinental SSBN/SLBM programs9easured8 dollars, were almost twice as large as expenditures for ICBM programs. In the Soviet case, estimated expenditures forrograms, in0ereercent greater than those for SSBN/SLBM programs,

Expenditures for Selected Weapon Systems

6. Estimated ruble expenditures for selected Soviet SSBN/SLDM programs (D, Y, H, and Typhoon-clfcss) and ICBM programs8, both innderiods were about the some. These estimates do not reflect tha costhe Golf class SSBN/SLBM program for intercontinental attack, nor the cost of the Hotel II SSBN/SLBM program for peripheral attack. They Include some investment for the Tycoon class SSBN/SLBM which will not be deployed The estimates for selected ICBM programs excludes operating costs of deployed systems being phased out in, like thends well aa investment expenditures for tho follow-cn systems to the8 ando be deployed in. Thus, tho estimates for the selected programs do notalanced measure of Soviet priorities in spending for SSBN/SLBM and ICBM programs.



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