Created: 5/30/1980

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USSR-CHIHA-EUROPBi Soviet Con-mentary

Mqioow'b continuing conasrn over Chinese intentionsutu indictment in Pravda of Baiting's efforts to cementhe us while developing its relationsthe Yugoslav, Romanian, and Italian Coimunist Parties, sbjsj

Attributed to the high-level pseudonym "I. Alekeandrov, which connotes Central Committee approval, commentary on Monday declared that China has decided to avoid anyin relations with the USSR* According toeijing is now striving to reassure its partners abroad that domestic developments, such as the posthumous rehabilitation of Liu Shaoqi. signify no change in China's anti-Soviet policies, ssjsm

Chinese officials have been stressing Beijing's opposition to Moscow in recent weeks, apparently hoping to neutralise Soviet diplomatic tactics and set aatmosphere for Vice Premier Geng Biao's visit to the US to discuss expanded security relations. The Soviets aro particularly agitated over the visit, which they viewajor step in the development ofmilitary ties with the West. The vehemence of the Soviet article may also reflect Moscow's displeasure overKua Guofeng's current visit to Japan aa well as recent Chinese flight testing of an ICBM. M

"Altaksandrov" also accused Beijing of "stepping up" Its campaign to undermine the world Communist movement "fromsensitive theme which the Soviets usually play down. Moscow objects to the recent visit to China of Italian Communist Party leader Berlinguer, whom the Soviets have already publicly attacked for "objectively assisting" Chinese policies, despite his willingness to disagree publicly with hip Chinese nosts about their conflict with the USSR. The Soviets may also be upset by Kua Guofeng's visit to Romania after President Tito'she publicly snubbed Soviet President Breshnev. H



This latest "Aleksandrov" commentary appeared only three days after the same by-line was used to defend the Soviet-backed European Communist Parties Conference in Paris in late April. None of the European parties that have good relations with China attended the conference, and none are likely to give up those relations merely to placate the USSR,



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