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Tne_ foreign meddling is used bv the Soviets to^justify their involvement in Afghanistan' for exaTio'e ana Moscow professes that life would quickly returnormal if external enemies or the Kabulould ceaso seeding the populace. In this instance, the Soviets may actually see the refugee situation as ham-poring tneir erforts to pacify the countrv, since the refugeesource of recruits and suooort for the insurgent movement. This outweighs by far theey put or. Pakistan or international aid donors. Thar-is no sign, however, that the USSR is contemplative,olicy-sucheduction in -J'L^Z "iHt-ry operations-that would reverse the flow of tne refugees,

nflux of Afghan refugees into Pakistan beganhe Communist takeover of Afghanistan inaC ^ority fieri the Soviet invasion9 and the subsequent occupation bv Soviet

5 the refugee -low into Pakistan0 per month, but in-

o since January and following the



il I



spring offensive by Afghan and soviet troops, thepopulation in Pakistan increasedonthly rate of M

Afghan Pakistan-Afghanistan Pakistan's North-West stan. Refugees from groups near the borde the Pakistani cities come from allumber leave areas pi and east of Kabul.

refugees are found all along the border, they are concentrated in

Frontier Province and in Baluchi-rural areas tend to stay in camps or r: those from towns have gone to of Peshawar and Quetta. fghanistan, but the greatest oximate to military activity south

all the refugees are Pushtun tribesmen. The composition of Pushtun refugee camps varies. In most cases children underake up ioughly one-third to one-half of the total. In one of the largest camps, adult males make upercent of the camp population, adult femalesercent, and the childrenercent. Nomadiclso Pushtuns, are among the refugee population because their annual return to Afghanistan, which normally occurs with the onset of warmer weather, has been made hazardous by military activity in their grazing lands. |

Inhe Afghan refugee populationeople, most of whom were encamped in someettlements near the Afghan-Pakistani border.efugees have crossed into Iran. Many others have been absorbed into kin groups and related tribes in Pakistan. If Soviet antiguerrilla operations continue to expand or intensify, the refugee total in Pakistan alone may reach one million by mid-summer.


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