Created: 7/18/1980

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Military Takeover

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The coup, which beganilitary takeover in Trinidad, spread to other key cities and culminated with units in the La ?az area taking control of tha capital and national goverr-ment. The military moved quickly to round up several government officials and civilian opponents, although the winner of tho recent presidential election, Hernan Si'les Z'uaso, apparently isin hiding. Curfews have been imposed, radioin the major cities have been seized, and pressure is being put on President Gueiler to formally resign.

The military claias that it intervened because of Marxist subversion, electoral fraud, economic and corruption under the Sueiler administration. Hardliners in the military had expected to be ousted froa key coevnand positionsiles government.

The new government's ability to survive will be seriously challenged in the short run by civilian resist ance and possible divisions within its own ranks over its current leaders. The junta probably will also receive little international recognition.

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