Created: 6/13/1980

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The regime yesterday tried and convicted prominent dissident Kiroslav Chojecki but gave himuspended sentence. ellow dissident and two others were, also; given suspended sentences. Chojecki was axrssted in March on charges of inducing two workersovernment printing plant to sell himsed printing press. ecki hasey role In dissident efforts to print and distribute uncensored literature, and vby- arresting--him the regime probably, hoped to 'curtail'such activities-The government came under.strong pressure, from the Catholic Church, polish intellectuals, and well-known' Western writers to drop the charges. Jn acting as it-did, theregime demonstrated its right to pressharges against dissidents but'also itsto. the internal and forelgr._critlclsm that this case had generated. ssejejspBjBsmsem


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