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Labor unrtai flared again yesterday ir. the Gdanskday after Polish party leader Zatrlaagainaz further strikes and three days lefore the tupvere Court rules on ike trade union Solidarity's appeal about Ha charier. 9m)

medical workr-rs in the Gdansk area who were demanding pay increases occupied some district government offices. Police reportedly surrounded the building but did not attempt to remove the protesters, and there have been no reported incidents of violence. Meanwhile, transport workers in Gdansk and other cities near the Baltic coastne-hour strike in support of the other strikers,

This is the first time since labor unrest began in July that workers have left their places of employment torotest, and these workers are thusajor challenge to the regime. They probably are also causing problems for the Solidarity organization, which thus far has kept strikers in their place of work and not given the regime an excuse to use police. olidarity spokesman nonetheless said yesterday that union officials would attempt to deliver food to the teachers and medical workers.

The challenge to the regime is more significant in light of Kania's remarks on Thursday about strikes.l-hough the party leader asked Solidarity toartner with the regime, Kania also said that some people want continuous tension and even have the "visionivil var." Kania said the party has acted withcalm and used only "politicalo deal with "politicalut he warned that the, partylimits which must not be crossed" and explained thatof socialism threatened Poland's independence.

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Host ofemarks were conciliatory orin nature, but the--action yesterday ln Gdansk might bring the situationead before the issues can be resolved legally. overnment spokesman had earlier said that the legal battle could continue for some fc after the Supreme Court rules on Monday,

A Western correspondent has reported that Polish and Soviet military forces have begun joint maneuvers, but we have no evidence to confirm his report,olish Government spokesman said there isnormal proces; of training* taking place. %WL%

Reported Military Maneuvers

Czechoslovak leadersr meanwhile, increasinglywith persisting unrest in Poland, continue to warn of the possible consequencesailure to "normalize* the situation soon. peech at then Prague of the Great October Revolution, the chairman of the Czechoslovak trade union stated that there are Marxist-Leninist guidelines within which each socialist country must function. He cautioned that "any divergence from general laws inevitably has to be paid lor." Aj*f*

tha Communist forces* torn, the union le duty to *contribu the Soviet Union socialism inindi munity.

"disruptive activity of anti-threatens to weaken the socialist sys-ler stressed lt was Czechoslovakia'sto the consolidation of unity*rder to protect the achievements of Ldual countries of the socialist

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