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Regime leaders continue toonciliatory line toward the tree trade union Solidarity, but with little evident' effect on Soli-dartty and on individual union leaders who continue to press the government. mm*

Party leader Kania on Wednesday told party activists in Krakow that the party should help Solidarity passprovisional- status to one in which the union can assist the regime inay out of the present crisis. Stefan Olszowski, apparently the number-two mm in the regime, on the same day told another group of party members that -he party and state had an "attitude of partnership" toward Solidarity. m0

Kania also spoke of the "need" for party members to join Solidarity, inefensive recognition that many lower ranking Party members nave already joined unions and that the regime cannot prevent others from doing so. The party probably also wants to have more reliable members join the union so that they can it from within. smm>

ote of balance, both Kania and Olszowski criticized Solidarity's strike threat. Olszowski said "antisocialist forces" within thehreat to the unions. 0M*

Kania admitted that the party needs to act, not merely talk, to regain the people's trust. He also said that further changes in the party are in the offing, particularly affecting those members "unable to adapt" to new conditions. Last week the Politburo said that it "expected- regional party officials to observe thethe regime signed with the strike .. earnm*

Despite the regime's talk of partnership, union leaders continue to press their demands. Solidarity leader Walesaritish journalist this week thac, while he expects the Supreme Court to rule in the union's favor on the controversy over the union's charter,nion wouldong series of one-day strikes if the Court rules adversely.. Transport workers threatened

yesterday tone-hour strike today unless the government begins negotiations with workers in the health services. VflB

Tho Church's Attitude '

This report of

prouaoiy It ia cl thelaar .

Polish Primate Wyszynski reportedly has told Pope John Paul II that he hadenerally favorable, opinion of Kania during his meeting with him last month, and he believes it is essential for thc Church in Poland to support the party, wyszynski reportedly said that the Churchesponsibility to prevent the trial of strength between the workers and the regime froma breakingcould lead to

complete and may contain some exaggerations.

that the Church has decided toindirectly by cautioning thetooderate line. It alsoChurch fearsiolentihe workers and the regime would lead to a

The Romanian


believes the USSR will invade Polandecember.

Ceausescu reportedly thinks that the Soviets cannotlonger than that to "settle" the Polishthe "Polish disease"isalreadyspreading

Ceausescu apparently was

asked last month by the Soviet Ambassador how Romania would respondoviet move into Poland. He allegedlythat Romania would refuse to participate.

Ceausescu, nonetheless, Is said to believeoviet invasion is necessary for the maintenance' of the "socialist system" in Eastern Europe. He seems to have

intended hiss* movement as an

criticism of the Polish work-accommodation to the Soviets and

to Soviet intervention.

probably do not accurately reflect what Caausescu may have said. They probably do represent, however, the kinds of thinking and rumors that are circulating in the climate of uncorcaintv thatts today in Eastern Europe.


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