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Free trade union leadens continue toollision course with the regime, despite the Warsaw court's provocative unilateral alteration of their union's statutes, but EL* leaders haveeeting with Premier Pinkoweki and the resignation o? the Justice Mintoter. MMMx

mmmauuasmrunion leaders

meeting in Gdansk yesterday demanded that Pinkowski meet with them today, butelayhursday. Only one of thenion^ieaders present reportedlyan immediate general strike.

The regime obviously hopes to avoid further wi] strikes, such as those that recently occurred at Wroclaw and Katowice, and to induce workers to increase ajor theme of recent speeches by government and party officials is the need for workers to stopand to resume work so that Poland can make up seme of the production losses suffered since the wave of strikes began last summer. <flBsV

The strikes in Wroclaw and Katowice were settled only after government officials agreed to improve working conditions and to consider or grant further wage increases. According to Western press sources, railway workers in Wroclaw yesterdayer-month pay hike, an increase no doubt motivated by rumors that railway rforkers wouldationwide strike unless agreement was reached. 41


Transportation Cutback.*

percent reduction in bus and truckhas been ordered; some limitations on bushad been imposed1 September. cuts were vaguely attributed to "fuelwhich no explanation was offered. The mosthowever, are the earlier labor disturbanceslrag-Iran conflict. Both oil imports andinterrupted during the Septomber strikes, and -ctween Iran and Iraq could be costing Polandercer- of its daily crude oil imports. has alwaysrouble spot in

thacurrent cutbacks will hinder oven more

thenormal production levels.

More Bat, _yonomic News

The Po'ish Sejm announced last week that national income will be lower this year than last, marking the second consecutive yearecrease has taken place. In addition, investment will be cutercenthe most drastic cut since the stabilization The steep cut signifies that Poland is relyingeduction in investment to help meet its urgent demand for improving the balance of payments androp in tha standard of living. 0BP>

The Sejm also announced that projections of0 balance of payments were revised drasticallyurplus0 millionuch more0 million. Tho estimate probablyeassessment of Poland's trade balance with the West and also the unexpected increases in imports of food andgoods from CEMA countries and drastic cuts in the exports of raw materials to these countries. and East Germany have provided Increasedof food--includingPoland at some hardship to their own consumers. At the same time, however, Poland is not ful-illing its commitments^ for raw materialuropean countries.

Tu^ Sh.ibi._j_0

East German Reaction

lr^gh-levelEast^^rman party official ha.

"wi 1

soon abrogate its agreement with Poland that provides for

visa-free travel between tho two countries for their citizens. aa.

force. This action

The East Germans will justify their action bypolitical and economic situation in Poland nothe agreement to

The intent to abrogate tho visand the other measures are further signsGerman nervousness over events in Poland and ofdetermination to prevent any politicalEast Germans may also havo an economic motive; long complained that Polos andthey have similarcone toand purchased large quantities of food andgcods, thereby causing shortages for East

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