Created: 10/27/1980

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Pree Tree* union leaders are ta begin discussions today on hae to deal with ike Polish Government,arsaw court's uni-lateral alteration of their organization's charter on Friday.

The court's actionhift in the tactics of th* government, which has avoided doing anything Th* government may believe it is now strongto take the initiative away from the unions, or lt may feel that by accepting the union's charterlt would anger the USSR and other Warsaw Pact members. MMUm

Polish workers and intellectuals are indignant over the court's action, and some ar* interpreting it asof the uselessness of attempting to work within the system and of the regime's intent to renege on hard-won gains. Some union leaders previously had urgedeadlineeneral strike to force the regime to register their organization. The court's action, is likely to convertnion leaders to this position. Union leader Walesa said the unions will now appeal to theourt. (seme

Some aodei^te union leaders, probably including Walesa, will be reluctant to commit the unions to awith the government and will urge less drastic actionseneral strike. Walesa has talked in the past about unspecified demonstrations and boycotts of theress.

It may take several days for union leaders to workew strategy. Severe pressure will be placed on their cohesion, and wildcat strikes could break out .iround the country.

Polish journalists, in the meantime, will bein Warsaw on Wednesdaypecial congress. The delegates will probably voice their support for the unions. They will also be urging alterations in Poland'spractices, which will present the regime with another sensitive issue.


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