Created: 10/4/1980

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Unit id butone-hour strike yesterday darronazrszed that ihe free trace unionsocrrvsui broad support that zhg reguzs cannot afford to ignore.

To give substance to its contention chat theof the new unions are being publicized, thegave factual media coverage to the strikes. Greater access to the media had been cited by union leaders as one objective of their strike. Case)

. Last-minute maneuvering within the union leadership revealed divisions over holding the strike and, perhaps, ovcrgerieral tactics toward the regine asBp a

chairman Walesa approached the Gdansk party leadership on Thursdayroposal to cancel the strike. ettlement was reached- thatelevisionby Walesa and regime agreement to form ato work out procedures for the unions to have greater access to the media.

Although the-union leadership vetoed the agreement, Walesa may have prevailed on another issue. After the strike, he told western journalists that earlier threats toeneral strike onctober have beenally withdrawn.'

Onion leaders will now have to turn their attention to several "objections" that the Warsaw court has reportr' -edly raised to their union's application for official status. The two most serious issues concern that union's effort to be recognizedational organization and *cs apparent failure to mention the leading role of the party .'in: its charter; neither issue will be resolved easily.

The successful striXe has provided an unsettling backdrop to the two-day Central Committee meeting that begins today. The union's demonstration of strength and determination will heighten divisions within that body. The fact of the strike will- have reinforred the fears of those committee members who oppose th* pursuit of arelationship with the free trade union leaders, while its effectiveness and limited character will convince others that they can and must comeore workable understanding.

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