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egix* ia continuing to enphaeiae that tha goverrment ia living up to the atri'KM aettlementm- it eignad in Auguat and to brand the free trace union's one-hour strike toaau aa irresponsible.

the strike will be

conducted inay that production can be resumed immediately after it is over and tha- no new demands will be advanced in connection with the event.

Trade union leaders continue to maintain that factory managements are dealing with official unions that havathemselves independent but are, in fact, stillby thehey also charge that the reqime has aot consulted them before issuing decrees on wages and ishem !roa having access to thejBk

Soviet Press Tactics V

. , The Soviets are apparentlyomestic and international press campaign to discredit and isolate Polish labor leader Lech Walesa.

coverage ofPoJ


primary "Objective oi at the moment is the

tion of Walesa.

Walesa as uneducated, immoral, capitalism, and totally incapable of leading avArticles along these lines,explicit, have been appearing more frequently inand Czechoslovak

Approve for Aeie***


the situation in

Poland is returning to normal and that the labor unrestinor, transient problem that the Polish Government will eventually resolve. This theme has appeared in most Soviet commentary on Poland since the Baltic strike settlements. Moscow is apparently trying to decrease international interest in the situation and denv_tbe Free Trade Unions international support.

Polish-Soviet Border

Recent reportssup-

port earlier evidence that Polish authorities have closed major crossing points along the border with the Soviet Union in the lastays. Several of the closed crossing points are opposite areas in the western military districts where Soviet units are believed to be engaged in military exercises. He do not know- if Soviet forces have closedheir side of the border.

An individual who traveled along the northern half of the Polish bordereptember reported that allhighway crossing points except Brest were closed and that Polish militia were present at all border.'crossing locations. Accordingto the latest reports, approaches to five important highway crossing points are posted with "Noigns, and one of three major rail crossing points is also closed. The only crossing point.normally open toesternrail and highway crossing leading toopen.

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