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Apparently fearing renewedhe Polish Governmentannouncedillion workers will receive pay increases xnOczaz...

Th* government appears to have caved in to threatsationwide one-hour striketo be followedeneral strike later in October. trade unions apparently concluded that the regime was stalling on promisedoosts. (ffa

The government announced that the increases would be ln accordance with th* terms of the strike settlements reached at the end of August. Warsaw described thewage hikes asrobably to remind the workers that the economyrompt resumption of full-scale worklowing of the rate of waqe increases In tha future. ^WmW

Leadership Probleas

Party leader Kania, meanwhile, appears to beconsiderable difficulty in his efforts tounityense of direction to hia regime. Kan la's efforts are complicated by new pressure from workers and students, more bad econonic news, andsigns of Soviet concern over his regime's failure to regain the initiative.

The dateentral committee meeting continues to be postponed, strongly suggesting that the leadership is having problems agreeing on peraonnal and policy (natters. <HapaHl^bhm'said turday the session has now been rescheduled for tomorrow but added that it could be delayed several days more.

The session reportedly is slated to considerreforms, amendments in the labor law, changes in the structure of student organizations, and personnel changes in the party and th* government. The plenum will also discuss the question of limiting the terms of office for party and government officials, something that former partyleader Gierek one* proposed but never implemented. eeemememfememmmv


The regime's concern about the increasing student activism was evident yesterday when party leader Kania, Prime Minister Pinkowski, and Polish President Jablonski held an extended meeting with activists of the official union of students. The regime reportedly is willing to agree to mora independent student organizations and isincreasing economic assistance to students.

In making concessions, the regime no doubt'hopes to inhibit the development of support for independentunions. Over theroup of students meeting in Gdansk decided to form an independent student association to rival the official union. Thesupposedly including representatives from throughout thetheir proposed organizationon-political group open to all students. Theyanticipate difficulties inarge number of r 't*itly because they believe many students will wai- hether the official student The official union probably willts pip .i j internal reformeeting ofeader:. he next two weeks. %

The party's problems in the universities are not confined to students. The new free trade union of teachers and staff at Warsaw University is attempting, to force the dismissal of the university's rector; heonsidered totaunch party member withacts with the security apparatus. tf^'x^'t

Below Average Harvests

The government announced yesterday that .'this year's, grain harvest amountedery disappointing-illion tons. This is slightly above last year's disastrous? crop, but still below thetarget. In addition, the regime.'said the potatoould fallillion tons below last year'smillion tons and sugar beet production wouldmillion tons from lastmillion-ton crop. V

These low harvests spell further trouble for the Polish regime. Shortages of fodder reportedly arecausing farmers to slaughter cattle prematurely. Such distress slaughtering, even though lt couldemporary bulge in meat supplies, would lowerin the long run. Holding down distressand meeting promises of increased meat supplies would require stepped-up grain and meat Imports.

Poland's agricultural problems this year areesult of widespread flooding In June and July. crimination against individual farmers in supplying scarce producer goods and insufficient investment, how-


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