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restraining. Such training activity is normal PHUs^1'- Septt-xcr when theraining eye. -ne activity is, however, expected to end in time fcr nextsemiannual trrotation, ffl^h



The Council of State yesterday appointee Lechnd six other trade union activistsmanthat is toew trade union law. The regime probably realized that it had to involve people such as Aftlesa with tne commission if tne new law were to have zredibility. HIV

Walesa showed yesterday that he is willing to meet

the regime halfway on some issues by urgingpeech

at the large Ursus tractor factory that the workers not

engage in wildcat strikes. The warning also serves

his purpose of maintaining control ove- local union ffUffeto

Walesa was in Warsaw yesterday to register the in-ccpendent, nationwide labor federation he heads. Thecourt that rules on DTi unions indicated that it nay take up to two weeks toecision. Walesa also complained to Deputy Premier Jagielskiack of official publicity for his organization, and at-ut thencreasingly vicious commentary about jacek Kuron, one of Poland's leading dissidents. ^

There is some evidence Walesa ic becominq more disposed tc rely on Catholic intellectuals forevelopment tnat would beome news tecegime, which has been attempting to split tne workers from the


dissidents. Moreover, it would be politic on the part of the trade union leaders not to be closely linked with people like Xuron, whom the Soviets and th* regime consiJer "antisoclalists."

Spending Reallocation

. The Council of Ministers decided this week to halt work on some unspecified long-term investment projectsto free resources for production of consumer goods. The regime hac provided no figures on the changes, however, making it impossible to assess how much the consumer will actually gain from the move. Other economic objectives *1 plan include increased production for the domestic market, protection of the present standard of living, and increased wages, benefits, welfare payments, and housing. (U)

Earlier, the regime disclosed that it wouldexpenditures by an0 millionto supplement reductions0 millionthe spring. The total cuts equal almost 3the0 budget. Reductions inspending are expected to save about SIyear which would coverhird of thewages and benefit payments. Warsaw hasthat taxes on "excessive incomes" willand that steps will be taken to encourage con-


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