Created: 9/24/1980

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ddbz rescheduling

Vice Foreiqn Minister Dobrosielaki

has indicated that Poland "preferred bilateral to formal multilateral rescheduling, hinting that Poland would insist on it* He requested that the I'S review its refusal to accept rescheduling on abasis.

High-level Polish officials meeting last week in Warsaw decided to make bilateral requests of Poland's creditors for assistance, including debt deferral. The Poles also will ask for new Western bank credits and new aeans of financing raw materials purchases. Theyrejected applying for International Monetary Fund and World Bank membership, apparently fearing strong Soviet objections

Poland's agreement to formal multilateralwould amountumiliating public confession of economic and financial mismanagement. It also might incur Soviet displeasure, complicate efforts by other Communist countries to borrow in the West, and make it even more difficult for Poland to obtain new credits, western creditors also may prefer to avoidomplex and tiae-conauming process*

Trade Jmo-s

. legal statua is notonfrontation with workers* rganisation have ridiculed thenion*.

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The Warsaw District Court's rejectionactory union's application for to, lead to of Walesa'

that have submitted applications, ijicitu Katowice, as revamped official unions.



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