Created: 11/15/1980

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The ucr uith Iraq hae given the Iranian RevolutionarytKe regularomor. objective but hae noi endedbetween ihe tvo forcee.

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ouara personnel to defeat Iraq, no real cooperation between the'two forces"^

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The rolo of the Guards has been stressed in the cleric-controlled media. J

Army replacement personnel apparently are inexperi-enced andigh desertion rate. /



Iranian NegoticTting Position

Iranian leaders continue toough public lineease-fire. Ayatollah Beheshti said on Thursday Iraq must withdraw all its forces before an end to the hostilities can be considered. Prime Minister Rajaipress reports that Iran is prepared to negotiate directly with Baghdadithdrawal. (U)

Seeking Jot Fuel Additives

n antifreezeis the most critical ot the additives normally used in jet fuel production. The bulk of Iran's jet fuel was produced at the now inoperable Abadan refinery.

Kithercent of its refinery capacity notand rationing imposed, Iran continues to be in the market for refined petroleum products from Europe and the Far East. Iran has been seeking kerosene, diesel oil, lubricating oil, and jet fuel.

Soviet Commentary on Hostage Situation

Soviet media commentaries emphasize problems the US allegedly faces in meeting Iran's conditions for the hostages* release. Citing US media reports, the Soviet press has focused particularly on Iran's financialand has claimed that the US, using the "pretext" of constitutional limitations, has no plans to comply. These themes have received more strident treatment in broadcasts on the Soviet-sponsored National Voice of Iran. (UJ

The tone of these commentaries suggeststhat the resolution of the hostage issue mightin an Iranian-US reconciliation, especially if the US releases arms supplies to Iran. In an effort tothis process and to reinforce Iranian antipathy toward the US, Soviet media continue to warn of alleged US preparations for "military aggression" against Iran.


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