Created: 11/14/1980

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Kuvaii officially prcteetedo theaopg-dor about Vtdnesday'e airetrike on the Al AbdaZi border poet.

another air-

striKe on tne same post occurredovember. The Kuwaitis originally considered that strike an accident because the bombs' arming devices were not set, but the two incidents will heighten Kuwait's anxiety that Iran will attack its oil facilities. The public expressions of support from Saudi Arabia and Qatar yesterday will do little to alleviate these fears.

Kuwait probably will continue limited economicfar Iraq because of pressure from Baghdad and Arab nationalist sympathies. It may, however, proclaim its neutrality more rigorously and temporarily reduceto Iraq.

Baghdad clearly hopes tho Iranian hostility toward Kuwait will drive Arabs rroic firmly into the Iraqi camp.

The Iranian airstriko will make it easier for Baghdad to rally support for its causo at the Arab summit meeting scheduled for later this month in Amman. Only Jordan has openly supported Iraq's war effort, although several Persian Gulf states, including Kuwait, have quietlyIraq with economic assistance, such as cash grants, alternative oil supplies for Iraq's regular customers, and transshipment of goods.

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