Created: 11/14/1980

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Labor Unrest

The sit-in strike by education and health workers in Gdansk continues, and actions in support of theirapparently have spread. In Lublin, unionfrom someactories of the metallurgical industry gathered to organise further and toovernment delegation primarily on wage issues.

.In the southern city of Czestochowa, regional Solidarity leaders reportedly have been in "continuous conference" to protest the harassment of the new union begun by the provincial governor on Monday, egime spokesmanelegation from Solidarity headquarters in Gdansk are on their way there to help resolve the problem. fMMM

New Censorship

A team of specialists from the Ministry ofeam of- private lawyers and journalists are working on separate draftsew law slated to be presented

to parliament by the end of the month. Neither draft envisages abolishing censorship, but both teams evidently believe mora clearly defined legal limits must be placed on how censorship is practiced. MMMy

. Both groups seem to agree there should be an appeal process, including an "Independent referee outside the censorship system." This wouldramatic departure from censorship as It is now practiced ln most otherast European states and the USSR. 4sTmvr

Hungarian and Czechoslovak Comments

The joint communique issued on Wednesday by party leaders Radar and Husak contains the first official bilateral expression of East European concern over Polish events. The document pledged Hungarian and Czechoslovak support for the Polish party and its struggle to "repel the onslaught" of antisocialist forces, as well asfor lti efforts to counter alleged Western inter-ejffjp

Kadar's one-day "friendly working visit" waa unusual, He probablyoderating influence on the final version of the communique, which is lass harsh than the strident criticism of Poland that has been flowing fron the Czechoslovaks.

The Hungarians nay havo bowed to increased pressure from Moscow for an expression of unity on the Polish issue. The communique, however, does not necessarilyajor change in the Hungarian position,as consistently been that the Polish crisis is strictly an internal matter.



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