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muewftutt fkxkouaki, the influmtivl editor of thePcUtyka, the eeventh

plenum of the Central Commxtieee held soon. MM*

The planum may reveal some details of tha planning for an extraordinary party congress. Party leader Kania nas publicly supportedonclave, but conservative forces within the party are opposed because they fear they vould lose influence and positions at tha congress.

R*kowski. who has advocated moderate reform within the current system, believes that during the plenum he and Miecxyslaw Hoczar, who represents more nationalist and conservative views, would be appointed to the Politburo.

Both Rakowski and Moczar would support change of the system created by former party leader Giereklthough not necessarily along the same lines.

Some Strikes contimw

The strike begun on Friday by health service workers in Gdansk has been joined byedical students in Szcxecin. The strikers axe demanding payand have occupied government buildings. Talks began laat night between tho government and strikers. (MM

More Economic Decline

Polish industrial outputercent lower inthan at the same time last year. This is the third consecutive month that industry turned out fewer goods than xn the corresponding periods Mages, on the other hand, continue to advance rapidly; theyigher last month compared to (MM^

shortages, Poland reportedly will import

illion tons of grainreating an agricultural trade deficitillion greater than



he hard currency trade balance this yearWlU exceed S2 billionj Ln it 6 billion.

likely to remain in short supply. Areported that the regime is nowon food sold in legitimatehas resultediversion of food

Journalists More Assertive


Thrf controversy between Solidarity and the regime tended to obscure efforts of other social groups associations which are seeking autonomy from the parv/ and changes in domestic policies. Journalists have be*i> the - utspoken to date,

cial congress last month, the journalists chanc.-.r association's charter to ensure that only "genu.-- not partybelong. They alsopecial "intervention board" tojournalists when they come Into conflict with the regime. Tneir chairmanember of the party's liberal wing who has been an outspoken critic of the regime and who will bo dti active proponenl ol change. VjHfc.

East German Alarm

East German officials are alarmed at reports that the Poles are retaliating for Bast Germany's recentof travel across their border. Sixty East German students in Siexecin reportedly were deported without explanation on Monday, and one claimed that East Germans had been beaten up and stoned in the streets bv Poles. mmMm

News of the incidents caused an upsurge of anti-Polish sentiment at an East German factory near East Berlin. Party functionaries are trying to play down tho incidents to avoid further Inflaming public opinion.

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