Created: 12/19/1980

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Dear Congressman Solarz,

Thank you for your letter ofovember..

I have not hitherto considered it necessary' to react to slanders such as the one you quote from the "Heway note in passing that Hr. Robert Ratner, President of the United Nations Association of the United States of America, did refer to one such slanderetter to that publication on0McCarthyesque lie".oum sure, agree with me that it would be odd, to say the least, if the Government of the United States and all other Member Governments voted twice to elect me s Secretary-General of the United Nations if they had been in any doubt as to my character and background However, since you,ember of the United States Congress, have raised thism, of course, willing to respond to your questions.

First ofish to sayas never associated in any way with the Nazi Youth Movement. On tbe contrary, my whole family were well known to be actively anti-Nazi before the Anschluss and- we made no secret of our political convictions afterwards. It is correct that my father was arrested after the Anschluss and our family was forced to move because of constant harassment by the Nazi authorities.

1 had served voluntarily for one year in an Austrian cavalry regiment6 before going to university. Like other Austrians in the same position.

The Honourable

Stephen J. Solarz

Congress of the United States

House of Representatives


I was drafted by the Nazi authorities' at the beginning of the var and had no possibility to escape the draft, which was enforced. as attached toh AufklSrungs-Abteilung of the Wehrmacht. Thiseconnaissance unit,erved on horseback in its cavalry element. It certain had no contact or connection with exterminationyself vas wounded on the eastern front and, being incapacitated for further service on the front, resumed my law studies at Vienna Universityraduated

Yours sincerely.

Kurt Kaldhein

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